Cursive: Tall Wind

Cursive is a new chamber group specializing in performing unjustly neglected modern classical works with a shifting ensemble, making each program unique not only in its instrumentation but in its mixture of composers, styles and moods. With each program you’re guaranteed to hear works that you’ve never heard before and may never hear again.

Our newest program, Tall Wind, is built around a stunning early work by Cambodian-American composer Chinary Ung for the unusual combination of voice, flute, oboe, guitar and cello, and extrapolates on the richly shifting mental and emotional landscape of changing seasons. As with all our programs the repertoire stretches across many decades, with the oldest being the 10 Blake Songs of Ralph Vaughan Williams from the late ’50’s, and the most recent being the haunting Aether by the Canadian Jordan Nobles. The program is also balanced to showcase each of the instruments in different combinations, giving each player a chance to shine and giving the audience a lushly-colored instrumental experience.

The players are flutist Colleen McElroy, leader of the Emissary Quartet; oboist Ursula Sahagian; guitarist Michaud Savage of the Seattle Composers Alliance; cellist Mary Riles of the North Corner Chamber Orchestra; and led by vocalist/trumpeter Peter Nelson-King of Brass Band Northwest and Ensign Symphony and Chorus.

Matt Carlson + Jeff Witscher + Jason E Anderson

Gift Tapes/DRAFT presents a night of experimental electronic music featuring Matt Carlson, Jeff Witscher, and Jason E Anderson – for the second installment of its 2017 program at the Chapel. Making his first Seattle appearance since the release of The View from Nowhere (Shelter Press), Portland’s Matt Carlson will perform a 4-channel piece for modular, synth and voice. Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell) will perform a computer music composition set to video. Local sound artist and Gift Tapes/DRAFT head Jason E Anderson will perform computer-controlled synthesizer.

Matt Carlson is an electronic music composer from Portland, Oregon. He works with analog modular synthesis, voice, computer, field recordings, and improvisation to construct dense clouds of surrealistic electroacoustic sound phenomena. His most recent work includes “The View from Nowhere”, a text-sound LP for the French label Shelter Press, and “Aakash”, a collaborative LP with vocalist Michael Stirling and guitarist Doug Theriault. He also performs with bass clarinetist Jonathan Sielaff as Thrill Jockey artists Golden Retriever.

Jeff Witscher was born in 1983 in Long Beach, California and currently manages his own cleaning company Vincent’s Expert Cleaners in Portland, Or. He has recorded under a few different names, Rene Hell perhaps being the most known. He is an avid chess player & spends most of his time working, cleaning & reading. He focuses on sound composition utilizing his computer attempting strong narratives with accompanying videos for his live performances. He’s currently working on Cob Music & reclaiming his position atop fantasy basketball. Recent solo recordings include Bifurcating a Resounding No!, 2014; Meclu, 2013; Vanilla Call Option, 2013.

Jason E Anderson is an artist from Seattle whose work includes performance, recorded works, video, installation, and music for dance. He creates sound using synthesis, acoustic recordings, programming and text. His work emerges from the traditions of experimental music and sound art. Anderson performs and records music under his own name, as Spare Death Icon, and in performance art/music/film hybrid LIMITS with dancer/choreographer Corrie Befort. He is an active performer, an organizer/producer of performance events in the Pacific Northwest, and he publishes the recorded work of his contemporaries on his experimental music record labels Gift Tapes and DRAFT. Anderson’s recorded work can be found on these labels, as well as Locust, Digitalis, Aguirre (Belgium), SicSic (Germany), Börft (Sweden) and many others.

SMO: Double Portrait: Erickson/Dempster

Seattle Modern Orchestra celebrates the centennial of American composer Robert Erickson and the 80th birthday of legendary Seattle trombonist and composer Stuart Dempster. Erickson (1917–1997) crystallized the American pioneering spirit in music. He was one of the first American composers to explore Schoenberg’s twelve-tone system, experimented with custom-made percussion instruments and instrumental extended techniques, and worked extensively with sounds recorded on tape with or without live performers. The three works on this program give a glimpse into this underrated American artist. Erickson will be paired with another pioneer, Stuart Dempster, whose motto is to “put ‘play’ back in playing music.” SMO will feature both pre-composed and improvised works of his, including a world premiere written for SMO, titled S.M.O.R.E.S. There will be an interview with Dempster at 7:30.

Austin Larkin

Austin Larkin presents music entitled Metal Cups of Different Hues, realized with 21 musicians.

Metal Cups of Different Hues
is a field of tiles, a field of bells, a choir of bells, megaphones, forged gongs tuned to the harmonic series, tempered piano and violin. Material qualities of sound sources and structural aspects of the sounds are unified, bringing focus to the corporeality of the music and interaction of place.

Honey Noble + Carbon Quartet

Honey Noble is a singer-songwriter project headed by songwriter and vocalist Katie Jacobson. Front woman Katie Jacobson writes in any and every style. Sometimes seriously sexy synth pop, sometimes rhymes about going to school, sometimes 70s love songs, sometimes a pizza dance party. This band loves to shake it up. Katie’s thoughtful lyrics and powerful singing tie everything together marrying seriousness with humor at every moment. On this gig they will be doing a theatrical performance, part concert and part play titled “The Monster”.

Opening is Carbon Quartet, a saxophone foursome that performs some of the most exciting and dynamic quartet music on the planet. From jazz to classical to Latin, Carbon Quartet will tackle anything. Rulon Brown on soprano sax, Nick Torretta on alto sax, Kevin Nortness on tenor sax and Chris Credit on baritone sax.

Sound Ensemble: From Page to Stage

One of our favorite pursuits at The Sound Ensemble is the melding of different artistic mediums. One of the most long standing collaborations in the arts is between music and literature. This concert will explore that long relationship with each piece being inspired by a text from a different authors.

Anthony Plog: Animal Ditties VII
Tom Baker: Three Songs
Kevin Clark: Burial of the Dead
Christopher Gainey: No Sleep for the Wicked

Seattle Composers’ Salon

An evening of music and discussion with Seattle composers:

Ivan Arteaga, Thaumaturgy (music, dance, technology)
Sheila Bristow
Blake Degraw, Electronic Quartet for Humans
S. Eric Scribner, Tree and Stone

The Seattle Composers’ Salon fosters the development, performance and appreciation of new music by regional composers and performers. At bi-monthly, informal presentations, the Salon features finished works, previews, and works in progress. Composers, performers, and audience members gather in a casual setting that allows for experimentation and discussion. Everyone is welcome!

James Falzone & Bonnie Whiting

Clarinetist James Falzone (Chair of Music at Cornish College of the Arts) and Bonnie Whiting (Chair of Percussion Studies and Artist in Residence at University of Washington) present Utterances: a seamless evening of original, composed, and improvised music based on text, spoken word, and translation. Included in the program will be works by Richard Logan-Greene, Susan Parenti, Bonnie Whiting, and James Falzone with guest artists Neil Welch, Beth Fleenor, Greg Sinibaldi, Ivan Arteaga, and Steve Tressler.

Noel Kennon + Austin Larkin

New works from local composers Noel Kennon and Austin Larkin presented by two Seattle-based ensembles.

You Are Fire You Are Dressed In Black You Are Fire You Are Dressed In Black You Are Fire You Are Dressed In Black is music for mirror, is music for screen, is music for string, is music for desperation, is music for voice, is music for quiet loud-speaker, is music for room, is music for dark, is music for floor, is music for basketball court, is music for glue.

The other ensemble has no title but it is simply a collection of musicians.

Trevor O’Loughlin – Double Bass
Jeremy Gonzales – Alto Saxophone
Ryan Tilley – Clarinet
Jacob Neenan – Tenor Saxophone
Jack Burgess – Vibraphone
Noel Kennon – Piano

They will be presenting a new work written specifically for the group by Noel Kennon. This quiet piece of music focuses on the idea of indeterminacy and collaborative creation of music.

Lori Goldston

Freely roaming Seattle cellist and composer Lori Goldston performs new work, solo and otherwise, including:

The debut of solo cello songs commissioned by Entre Rios Books, in response to a forthcoming collection of poems by Melissa Mueller, Mary’s Dust, which reflects on austere, raunchy, obscure, infamous and celebrated lives lived by people named Mary.

A duo with Mark Hilliard Wilson, Apple Blossoms and Jupiter, which dwells in the feeling of a fragrant evening

New work by others, TBA>