Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Finnegans Wake, Part I, Chapter 5

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, Part I, Chapter 5, performed from memory, and with acute attention to musical detail, by Neal Kosaly-Meyer.

A Finnegans Wake Project continues the 2018 season with the premiere performance of Part I, Chapter 5. As usual, the December premiere includes props, costume, sound and lighting design, with theatrical/liturgical movement, and all within the uncannily appropriate environment of the Chapel Performance Space. Chapter 5 has often been recommended as an excellent point of entry for Joyce’s mysterious and dream-like masterpiece.

Struber & Fitzpatrick: Theme & Variations

Pianist Laure Struber and violinist Luke Fitzpatrick perform 20th and 21st century works that utilize Theme and Variations. Featured on the program is Tartiniana Seconda by Dallapicolla, Theme and Variations by Messiaen, Fratres by Pärt, Lachrymae by Britten and the Violin Sonata by Shostakovich. The concert will also have a newly arranged work by Marcin Paczkowski (Paganini Variations by Lutoslawski).

Gishiki + Dahliia: Quadraphonic Modular Synth & Koto

Doors at 7:30; DAHLIIA @ 8pm; GISHIKI @ 9pm
Presented in Quadraphonic Surround Sound

儀式 GISHIKI ~ An electro-acoustic recital featuring Japanese koto & modular synth. For the past three decades, Seattle-based Kasson Crooker has been composing & performing eclectic electronic music with his bands Symbion Project, Freezepop, & ELYXR. While searching for a new instrument to inspire his compositions, he became enamored with the Japanese koto, a traditional 13-stringed harp. Looking to create a unique live performance, Kasson fused electronic elements (vintage synthesizers, field recordings, sound design) with koto processed extensively though modular DSP effects to create a lush, atmospheric electro-acoustic experience. To maximize the sonic immersion of this performance, 儀式 Gishiki (ritual, ceremony) is presented in quadraphonic 4-channel sound with both the performer and audience inside the surround sound-field.

Coming together to perform for the first time ever after over 20 years of friendship and making music independently, Tom Butcher (ORQID, CODEBASE, HEATSYNC) and Cindy Reichel (EXPERT SYSTEM, ROTOR) founded Seattle-based synthesizer outfit PATCHWERKS in 2015. DAHLIIA explores the worlds of undulating, layered arpeggiated synth bleeps drenched in effects, melodic drone tones in sound-on-sound sediment, and percussive so-called “clicks and cuts” to create an enveloping environment rooted in emotion.


PREYER is a duo between Ebony Miranda and Adam Troy. Their music is a blend of cello, drums, and electronics. Together they create heavy, atmospheric, experimental music through free improvisation.

arx duo

Internationally recognized percussion group arx duo brings their virtuosity, grace, and excitement to the stage for a full performance in their new base of operations, Seattle.

Born during the events of Hurricane Sandy, percussionists Mari Yoshinaga and Garrett Arney met at Yale University a number of years ago. Being trained on the east coast in their young professional lives, the two were put together to perform a marimba duo composed by Alejandro Vinao called Book of Grooves. This is a piece the two practiced in an apartment kitchen during the lock-down that ensued on the east coast while Hurricane Sandy moved north.

This piece and many others on the concert show an almost choreographed virtuosity as the two players navigate the marimba, a 7-foot long instrument. Their musicality will be unmistakable as they strike the wooden bars to play music written for the instrument, and maybe even some that wasn’t.

The duo has traveled all over the world including Africa, Asia, and the U.K., performing many different works and collaborating with many different composers. They will bring their unique sound and unique collaborations to The Good Shepherd Chapel throughout their time in Seattle, beginning with pieces written for them, on instruments that are portable.

The duo looks forward to sharing their music with their new home.

Rob Angus + Marc Barreca & Brian Fergus

Rob Angus loops, layers and processes acoustic instruments, creating ambient industrial music presented in surround sound. Neil Welch is a saxophonist using largely non-traditional techniques that explore sonic resonance. He is also a composer and performs in a variety of bands and projects. Don Berman is a jazz drummer and percussionist, and a composer and bandleader

Marc Barreca will be playing electro-acoustic loop based compositions with a laptop, modular synth, and MIDI accordion. He has been making electronic music in Seattle since the mid-1970s, releasing a number of projects over the years on the Hawaii-based Palace of Lights label. His most recent releases are the solo project Shadow Aesthetics, and a double CD collaboration with K. Leimer, Dual Mono. Brian Fergus will be playing several compositions of electro-acoustic music featuring ukulele- and theremin-controlled synthetic instruments. Brian taught electronic music for twenty eight years at City College of San Francisco, and currently teaches ukulele technique at Woodstock Ukulele Studio in Portland. Marc and Brian will each play a solo set, followed by a duo set.

Body.Space.Time.Sound. – Volume 2: Threes

An evening of scored improvisations consisting of 3 sound and 3 movement artists working with variations of THREE. Trios and sextets will perform a series of sets using the theme of THREE to guide each improvisation. Each set’s duration will be a different multiple of three. Triangles, trinities, and triads, the vast meanings and dynamic potentials of the magic number will guide this improvisational performance.

Sound: Ruby Dunphy (drums), Kaley Lane Eaton (voice/electronics), Troy Schiefelbein (bass)
Movement: Rachael Lincoln, Aaron Swartzman, Brian Evans

What happens when seasoned musicians and movers come together to create variable durations of improvisational performance? B.S.T.S. events consist of a varying selection of curated sound and movement artists who will be brought together in purposeful improvisational collaborations. These ongoing performance happenings will selectively group artists with the intention of instigating dynamic collaborations. Each event will consist of a unique set of guidelines in relation to body, space, time and sound, but the constant for each grouping is that they connect in some way before the performance. Selected artists will be introduced, then asked to score and rehearse their piece in accordance with the indeterminacy of meeting one another, the performance themes of each event, and the convening of their shared interests. A goal is to bring together artists in different disciplines, and bridge diverse improvisational aesthetics. Performers will be asked to create structured scores that harness the unknown spontaneity of improvised performance.

Inverted Space Ensemble

Inverted Space opens its 7th Season with the music of Kerrith Livengood and Pauline Oliveros. The concert will feature Livengood’s scrawl etude I and new works for Adapted Viola and Intoning Voice performed by Luke Fitzpatrick as well as the Seattle Premier of Pond Frog Translations for Adapted Guitar 1 and Intoning Voice performed by Charles Corey. The second half will feature a sonic meditation by Oliveros.

A Night for 4 Drummers

A night for 4 drummers presenting solo works for drum set, focusing on each musician’s singular relationship with the drums, solo performance, music and identity.

Mike Gebhart is a Colombian-American Drummer, who relocated to Seattle in 2013. In that time he studied with Ted Poor, Greg Sinibaldi, Cuong Vu and Huck Hodge. He has performed with Bill Frisell, Ben Street, Pete Rende, Ryan Ferreira, Bill McHenry, Wayne Horvitz, Geoff Harper, Jeff Johnson and Simon Henneman. He co-leads The Sky Is A Suitcase and plays in Terror/Cactus, February, and New Series One. Currently he is focused on singing and drumming, and performing his compositions.

Ruby Dunphy is a Chicago born, Seattle based performer, composer and percussionist. She moved to Seattle in 2014 to attend Cornish College of the Arts and attained her Bachelors in Music in 2018. She has studied western classical, jazz, ragtime, Brazilian, Ghanaian, chamber, improvisational, soundpainting, conduction, rock, and gamelan music. She loves feedback, resolution and loud noises, but as of late tends to loathe all three. Her biggest fear is humiliation.

D’Andre Fontanelle has been described by critics in the New Haven Register, and independent magazines in the New York City area as a very life-influenced, organic, and musical percussionist. He gradauted with his Bachelor of Music in Classical Percussion from New York University, and acquired his Masters in Music Education from a small liberal arts college in Connecticut – The University of Bridgeport. As a resident of Seattle for 3 years, D’Andre is one of the leading drummers on call for many singer-songwriters, playing with The Backslide gospel, Kate Dinsmore and Elena Loper.

Casey Adams is a Spokane native and (fairly) recent transplant to Seattle, who self-defines as a drummer, electronic musician and DJ. He plays drums in a variety of improvised ensembles, and records/releases/performs as Dorian Slay and nothing but the dead and dying, outputting electronic music ranging from harsh noise to left-field dance music. Casey’s music explores the strange periphery of many diverse genres, and attempts to fuse seemingly disparate sounds and styles through their music, aiming for personal understanding and self-actualization.

Tamara Zenobia

Tamara Zenobia is an Alaskan born storyteller, performance artist and vocal alchemist. Tonight she will be joined by Dick Valentine, who will add his extraordinary flute playing to the performance.

Tamara brings a unique artistic philosophy to her work and that is to hone the gift of the intuitive and improvisational artist/healer within each of us. Her process combines the elements of Vocal Alchemy, percussion, electronic music and other world instruments to create a very authentic sound that is all her own. As an Improvisational Storyteller she craftily weaves divination, vocal alchemy mastery, song and spoken word into her performance to create a very eclectic mix of groovy sounds and hypnotic beats.

Tamara lived five years abroad in Paris, where she trained privately with vocal instructors in the areas of opera and jazz. Tamara’s experience includes singing in gospel choirs in the U.S. and abroad including, Martin Luther King Choir in Anchorage, AK, The American Church Choir in Paris, and the Taliesin Choir at the Frank Lloyd Wright Institute in Scottsdale, AZ.

As the founder of Butterfly Jazz Intuitive Arts LLC, which she now operates out of Seattle, Tamara performs and gives workshops, classes and private healing sessions, which she offers both locally and internationally.