Wayward in Limbo #44: Beetlebox

Beetlebox is an experimental composer, keyboardist, and solo artist based in Seattle who creates original, piano-centered electronic music. His intricate control at the keys triggers a plethora of intertwined acoustic and computer-generated sounds. Performances by Beetlebox seamlessly weave live renditions of his piano compositions with passages of spontaneous improvisation, enhanced by homemade software synthesizers and interactive computer accompaniment. You … Read More

Wayward in Limbo #45: Steve Barsotti

Steve Barsotti is a Seattle-based improviser, sound artist, instrument inventor and educator. He is active in several ongoing projects including the Seattle Phonographers Union, a collective that improvises in real time with unprocessed field recordings, and Mimeomeme, a record label that disseminates unusual sound art made by an eclectic collective of artists involved with a variety of unconventional techniques. … Read More