Words Will Never

This concert marks the debut of Words Will Never, the soprano-percussion duo of Stacey Mastrian and Aaron Michael Butler. Featuring works with music by Johanna Beyer, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Lou Harrison, Stephen F. Lilly, Jean-Claude Risset, and Chris Shultis, and texts by Thomas Campion, e. e. cummings, Elsa Gidlow, James Joyce, Nathalie Michon, Carl Sandburg, and Henry David … Read More

CHA + Lotus Lungs: An Evening of Right Brain Music

CHA and Lotus Lungs are two Seattle trios that each use free improvisation to engage audiences and explore higher musical dimensions. Both are comprised of highly accomplished musicians and draw from wildly diverse influences.

CHA includes Carol J Levin (electric harp), Heather Bentley (electric viola), and Amelia Love Clearheart (voice). Their classical training is evident in their polished sound, and … Read More


Beetlebox is an experimental composer, keyboardist, and solo artist based in Seattle who creates original, piano-centered electronic music. His intricate control at the keys triggers a plethora of intertwined acoustic and computer-generated sounds. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of different genres, his music has featured everything from dubstep synthesizers and pop-single samples to orchestral instrumentations and Indian temple … Read More