Scrape! is an unconducted string ensemble performing the works of Jim Knapp and various guest composers. Our instrumentation is 15 bowed strings, with harp and electric guitar. Founded in 2010, we perform regularly and our first album has just been released on Origin Classical.

Tonight’s performance will feature compositions by Sumi Tanooka, Jarrad Powell and Jim Knapp. Soloists include guitarist … Read More


Daniel Corral + noisepoetnobody

LA-based composer Daniel Corral performs Diamond Pulses, a 32-minute aural experience that combines spacey electronic polyrhythms, intricate tuning systems, and noisy ambiance to open new sonic dimensions. Constantly evolving minimalist grooves recall Terry Riley, Cluster, Tangerine Dream, or Dawn of Midi. The microtonal tuning systems recall Harry Partch, James Tenney, LaMonte Young, or Arnold Dreyblatt. Meanwhile, the counterpoint of … Read More

Daniel Corral photo by Carl Pocket

Dialectical Imagination + Christian Pincock

Dialectical Imagination is the duo of pianist Eli Wallace and percussionist Rob Pumpelly. Based in Oakland, CA, their music is sparked by the dialectical relation of compositional structure and spontaneous creative volition, resulting in a unique embrace of the composition/improvisation paradox. The key performance aim is the happening of aesthetic ecstasy. For any given performance, the aesthetic experience, itself … Read More

Dialectical Imagination Promo photo instruments

Seattle Modern Orchestra

SMO opens its 2015-16 season with the premier of a commissioned work by Cuban-American composer Orlando Jacinto Garcia for UW faculty and pianist Cristina Valdés, titled From Darkness to Luminosity. In this new work, Garcia’s piano writing explores moments of traditional virtuosity as well as extended techniques that amplify the timbral possibilities of the instrument, contrasting against the quiet … Read More

Seattle Modern Orchestra_1

Monktailfest: Stephen Fandrich + Seman/Ostrowski

Monktail Creative Music Concern continues to celebrate fifteen years of bringing high-quality adventurous music to Seattle audiences. Tonight, Stephen Fandrich performs original music for gamelan, and John Seman and Mark Ostrowski play improvised solos and duets.

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Tomeka Reid / Mike Reed / Nicole Mitchell

After 15 years of collaborations in a variety of ensemble contexts, the all-star trio of Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid and Mike Reed come together to celebrate their long-term relationship and their common cultural and aesthetic threads. All are members of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and served on the organization’s executive board from 2009 to 2011. … Read More