Gregg Belisle-Chi + Carmen Rothwell

Guitarist/composer Gregg Belisle-Chi celebrates the release of his debut album, Tenebrae, for solo guitar and with vocalist Chelsea Crabtree on the Canadian Songlines label.

Currently completing his M.Mus at UW, Gregg Belisle-Chi has performed with a wide range of musicians in Seattle, among them Jim Knapp, Andy Clausen, Bill Frisell (a friend and mentor), Wayne Horvitz and Eyvind Kang, … Read More

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Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda: “ke i te ki” American Tour

Japanese sound artists Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda perform with self-made instruments, analogue tape machines and radios, wood pieces, nails, hammer, and daily objects, by responding to the architecture, acoustics and energy of the performance space. Though they differ in generation and performance practice, Suzuki and Onda have collaborated extensively in recent years and share a deep interest in … Read More

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Ant’lrd + Panabrite + RM Francis

Three Pacific Northwest artists present an evening of exploratory solo electronic sound performances, ranging from the drifting phonic ecstasies of Portland’s Ant’lrd to Panabrite’s concrète-kosmische hybridizations and the fragmented computer synthesis of RM Francis.

Ant’lrd is the solo collage-ambient, loopidelic cloud of Portland-based multi-instrumentalist, Colin Blanton.

Panabrite is a solo project of Seattle-based Norm Chambers. Emerging from a love of early … Read More



Popstronauts is an improvisational duo that seeks to explore the chaos and reality that is life. As individual humans have little control over the events that take place in the world around us, we instead do what we can to fit in and create our own space within the world. The music is non-apologetic free improvisation taking influence from … Read More

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Zero-G: Ask the Ages + Spite House Band

The Spite House Band blossomed out of weekly sessions of improvised music organized by composer/pianist/vocalist Stephen Fandrich with the Monktail Creative Music Concern. Fandrich now hosts these weekly events at his home, a long-time oasis for artists on Capitol Hill, in spite of manic high-rise development. Curated by a community of local musicians, the Spite House Series explores performer/artist … Read More


Post-Haste Reed Duo

Washington Composers Forum presents the Post-Haste Reed Duo performing music by Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Michael Johanson, Simon Hutchinson, Edward J. Hines, Ryan Hare, Ethan Wickman, and music chosen from a call for scores.

Coming together in 2009, The Post-Haste Reed Duo of Sean Fredenburg, saxophone, and Javier Rodriguez, bassoon, has commissioned acoustic and electroacoustic works by composers including Nansi … Read More