Scrape is a conductor-less string orchestra with harp and guitar that performs within a blend of jazz and classical traditions. Scrape plays the music of Jim Knapp and features great improvising artists guitarist Gregg Belisle-Chi, bassist Chris Symer, and guest soloist Mark Taylor. Toni McGowan will be presented at this event as both composer and lyricist and vocalist Chérie … Read More


Thea Farhadian + Ewa Trębacz

Thea Farhadian is a composer based in San Francisco and Berlin. She comes from the background of new contemporary music and works primarily with free improvisation, and live electronic processing using the software program, Max/MSP. Her solo work integrates extended techniques, microtonality, and sound-based material in what Touching Extremes calls “..fumes of disassembled harmony and dissonant refractions.” Tectonic Shifts, … Read More


Gretchen Yanover CD release concert

Locally grown Seattle cellist Gretchen Yanover is giving a concert for the release of her third album, Bridge Across Sound. Using her electric cello and loop sampler, Gretchen builds her compositions in the moment. String layers create a nuanced landscape, with melodies that map the heart.

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High Plains + Wild Card + Cruel Diagonals

Please join us for a night of music by Kranky recording artists High Plains, the new duo of Scott Morgan (loscil) and Mark Bridges, in support of their debut release Cinderland. Combining electronics, cello, and field recordings, High Plains draw from classical, electronic, and film music but mostly are inspired by the rugged, mythic landscape of their geographical namesake. … Read More


Tiny Orchestral Moments

Doors open at 7:30, music starts at 8.

Tiny Orchestral Moments is an international troupe of established, improvising musicians who meet periodically to write, record, perform, and collaborate across genres, geographies and genders.

TOM performers prepare and present collaborative repertoire for layered guitars, voices, violins, strings, wind, and percussion. The aim: structured improvisation that sounds composed and composed collaboration that … Read More


Daryl Seaver/Cameron Shafii/RM Francis

Daryl Seaver is a composer born in 1987 who currently lives in Portland, OR where she works as a mobile developer. Her background in mathematics inspires strict processes used to generate sound material that is later quilted together by ear, balancing formula against feeling and leaving space for listening. Daryl has released dance music under the name Samantha Vacation … Read More