Daniel Corral: Polytope

Polytope by Los Angeles composer Daniel Corral is a multimedia microtonal performance for MIDI quartet. Performed entirely in darkness, four live musicians operate colorful glowing MIDI controllers. It’s a mesmerizing dance of silhouettes, captured on live feed video and projected large and bright as a moving, visual score.

Polytope is rhythmically charged in the vein of musical minimalists such as … Read More

NOW Festival week 3 REDCAT 8-3-2016

Keith Eisenbrey: Études d’exécution imminent (as it stands)

Seattle composer/pianist Keith Eisenbrey will present the first 11 parts of his large-scale work-in-progress Études d’exécution imminent, including the complete Second Thoughts, Corollaries and the three sightings of Ghosting Doubles (after Amy Denio). In this work, which he began in 2013 and which at one point precipitated a year-long sabbatical from writing music down, Keith seeks to re-imagine the … Read More

Recital 180324

Ancient to Future *

With Special Guest Julian Priester – Mr. Priester will play a short solo set and guest with Tiny Ghost

Tribute to Muhal Richard Abrams – Seattle musicians pay tribute to the founding father of the AACM, who passed in 2017. Muhal’s vision of creativity was widely diverse, and he supported and nurtured young musicians from a wide range of disciplines … Read More

Art Ensemble_V1


THINGS THAT BREAK is a multidisciplinary concert experience in the realms of new music, stop-motion animation, storytelling, visual art, and theatrical performances centered around the theme of “breaking”. Jessi Harvey, composer; collaborated with Becky Joy Aitken, animator; Sonya Harris, storyteller and photographer; and Aimee Hong, performer. This group of Seattle-based female artists combined their abilities to create this unique … Read More

Flowers Break

The Sound Ensemble: You Didn’t Known They Composed

At The Sound Ensemble, we take great pleasure in introducing you to works and composers you may have never heard before. In this concert we will share great compositions by musicians known for their pop and indie careers. This will be a fun opportunity to learn about the depth of training that many great popular artists have experienced.

You won’t … Read More


Adam Briggs

Composer/percussionist Adam Briggs presents an immersive musical landscape with the premier of his first string quartet as well as a large work for split percussion and orchestra, both aimed at the exaltation of unity and the expulsion of the past and future.

His music stems from the friction between his early training as a percussionist and his more recent experiences … Read More

Adam Briggs