Evan Smith

Evan Smith is a Seattle saxophonist who recently completed his doctoral work at the University of Washington researching the composed saxophone works of famed improviser and multi-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef. He specializes in contemporary-classical music that bridges the divide between composition and improvisation and explores the flexible sonic palette of the saxophone. For this program, Smith will bring Lateef’s rarely-performed … Read More

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S. Eric Scribner: “Fantastical Sounds: Music from Tond”

As part of the setting in the series of four fantasy novels set in the world of “Tond”, Mr. Scribner describes the music of the Fyorian, Sherványa, and Karjan peoples. Some of that music can actually be played, and in this concert, folk and experimental music artists get together to perform it. Modal or microtonal, and often strongly rhythmic, … Read More


Sahba Sizdahkhani + Ivan Arteaga

Iranian multi-instrumentalist Sahba Sizdahkhani serves as a unique crossroad of East meets West. Inspired heavily by 1960’s free-jazz and Persian Traditional Music, he constantly channels the fire-energy and longing for connectivity that these two stormy histories represent.

Sahba has recorded with artists on the imprints of Dischord Records, Southern Lord, and Drag City, and has appeared live with Peter Brotzmann, … Read More


Hans-Joachim Roedelius + Xambuca + Hair & Space Museum

Renowned as one of the greatest innovators of the krautrock and ambient movements, Hans-Joachim Roedelius has had a successful musical career spanning several decades. Born in Germany in the 1930’s, he formed the influential krautrock group Cluster and went on to be a member of Harmonia, as well as the jazz trio Aquarello. He was a founding member of … Read More


Love Theme + Sun Pack

The Vera Project presents Love Theme with special guests Sun Pack! Doors at 7:30, music at 8 PM.

Love Theme, composed of Alex Zhang Hungtai, Austin Milne and Simon Frank, crafts new age dirges with drones, dark-toned horns and background static. Their self-titled release, an edited arrangement of an improvised sax/synth/percussion/drums/vocal session in late June of this year, is described … Read More

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Organized by NYC choreographer (former Seattle resident) Beth Graczyk and composer Tom Baker, Radiosonde brings an element of structure to an open improvisatory setting. With scores designed by Graczyk and Baker, the group follows prompts (shapes, words, colors) to give an overall shape to the moment-by-moment decisions being made in real-time.

The key to the performances are trust and … Read More