Gishiki + Dahliia: Quadraphonic Modular Synth & Koto

Doors at 7:30; DAHLIIA @ 8pm; GISHIKI @ 9pm
Presented in Quadraphonic Surround Sound

儀式 GISHIKI ~ An electro-acoustic recital featuring Japanese koto & modular synth. For the past three decades, Seattle-based Kasson Crooker has been composing & performing eclectic electronic music with his bands Symbion Project, Freezepop, & ELYXR. While searching for a new instrument to inspire his compositions, he … Read More


Struber & Fitzpatrick: Theme & Variations

Pianist Laure Struber and violinist Luke Fitzpatrick perform 20th and 21st century works that utilize Theme and Variations. Featured on the program is Tartiniana Seconda by Dallapicolla, Theme and Variations by Messiaen, Fratres by Pärt, Lachrymae by Britten and the Violin Sonata by Shostakovich. The concert will also have a newly arranged work by Marcin Paczkowski (Paganini Variations by … Read More

December 14th

Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Finnegans Wake, Part I, Chapter 5

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, Part I, Chapter 5, performed from memory, and with acute attention to musical detail, by Neal Kosaly-Meyer.

A Finnegans Wake Project continues the 2018 season with the premiere performance of Part I, Chapter 5. As usual, the December premiere includes props, costume, sound and lighting design, with theatrical/liturgical movement, and all within the uncannily appropriate … Read More



An evening of ambient drones and color field projections inspired by organic imagery and occurrences.

Rahikka is the pseudonym of sound and video artist, Carson Rennekamp. Rahikka explores atmospheric ambiance through droning tones, noise, and repetition. Adopting Brian Eno’s methodology of “theory over practice”, Rahikka has explored various themes including isolation, reflection, patience, and transcendence. Carson has exhibited sound … Read More


Electronic Blankets for Winter Solstice

This is an experimental electronic music showcase, featuring PNW sound and visual artists. We will christen the winter solstice with borscht soup, auditory hallucinations, planetary chasms, warm drones, glitch portals, distant raves.

Renowned DJ and Further Records founder Chloe Harris performs as Raica, creating mesmerizing portals of sound, invoking Kraftwerk-ian landscapes.

AVOLA, reigning from PDX, creates a journey enthralling and washed … Read More


New Series One + Matrio

New Series One is Simon Henneman on guitar, Troy Schefelbein on unamplified acoustic bass, and Mike Gebhart on hand drums and hand percussion. The play songs in an uninterrupted flow, weaving in and out of melodies, rhythms, and chord changes, taking it back to the roots of jazz as a very intimate folk music with all of us interacting … Read More

New Series One