SIMF: Improvised Dance + Music

(Originally scheduled for Feb. 9 as part of the 34th Seattle Improvised Music Festival, but cancelled due to snow.)

Seattle Improvised Music Festival presents a performance of Dance & Music, curated by Stephanie Skura.

Scruffy & determined, with fierce eyes, sharp beaks, & hearts melting! Nine deep-diving, life-long-improvising, shamanic music/dance mavens come together for the first time, guided by ancient instincts … Read More


Lotus Lungs + Welch + Coulter/Freedlund

Lotus Lungs is a trio of three innovative and accomplished guitarists: Matt Benham, Bill Horist and Tom Scully. Based in Seattle, they’ve left footprints in jazz, classical, rock, avant-garde, free improvisation and experimental music, contributing to a dynamic local scene. Individually, they have each stretched the boundaries of the instrument along three dimensions: improvisation, experimentation and tradition. In combo … Read More


LovePunk + Christian Swenson

LovePunk is a love-fueled, passion-driven, penetrative musical beast! Utilizing voice, motion, & both traditional and explorative instrumentation, LovePunk leads the listener into the rich, textured heart of inspiration. Unique, while familiar, the essences of jazz, folk, funk, blues, world and tribal are recognizable, and color the group’s eclectic stylings. LovePunk’s founder, Mama Amelia Love Clearheart (Indigo LovePunk), channels and … Read More


Sound of Late: Let the Light Enter

Sound of Late presents a program exploring poetics and music through the lens of voices crossing generations and cultures. Inspired by a trio of composers from the ensemble’s second annual call for collaborators, the concert features the world premiere of Anthony R. Green’s Collide-oscope V.

Scored for a small mixed ensemble of winds and strings, Green’s music explores concentrated colors … Read More


Twenty Six Minutes Equals One Day

“Ladies and gentlemen, will you please turn on your cellphones.”

Presented by Nadya Kadrevis and David Haney as a collaborative approach with Blake DeGraw and guest star Nathan Breedlove.

Improvisers, composers, and field contributors worldwide present Twenty Six Minutes Equals One Day
A Multi Media Interactive Performance in Eight Movements: PRIME, TERCE, SEXT, NONE, VESPERS, COMPLINE, VIGIL, MATINS

In early 2019, participants … Read More


Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Gradus…

Gradus for Fux, Tesla, and Milo the Wrestler (Three Rungs) is a piano composition in perpetual progress. The score, in a nutshell is: “learn to play the piano one note at a time.” Since 2002, that is more or less what Neal Kosaly-Meyer has been doing, first working through all the A’s and all combinations of all the A’s, … Read More