Wally Shoup / Greg Campbell / Greg Kelley

Three experienced Seattle musicians come together to fine tune the art of improvisation. Alto saxist Wally Shoup, trumpeter Greg Kelley, and percussionist Greg Campbell integrate adventurous chops with keen ears and a deep sense of the laminal to create spontaneous coherences that move at the speed of response. This combination of far-ranging brass and woodwind textures, coupled with subtly … Read More


Inverted Space: Ferneyhough residency

Inverted Space/the UW Modern Ensemble performs the music of Brian Ferneyhough, Mark Applebaum and Joel-Francois Durand. Brian Ferneyhough’s residency concert will feature his works Fanfare for Klaus Huber, Mort Subite, Adagissimo, Intermedio alla Ciaccona and Flurries. Also on the program is Mark Applebaum’s Ferneyhough ReMix and Fanfare for Brian Ferneyhough. The premier of Joel-Francois Durand’s solo piano piece EnfanceRead More


Seattle Modern Orchestra Benefit

Join us for a special fundraiser concert to support Seattle Modern Orchestra’s 2015-16 Season. Wine and hors d’oeuvre will be served before and following the one-hour concert of music by Reich, Ferneyhough, Trebacz and Tulve. This event also includes a silent auction with several enticing prizes and a few exciting games!

General Admission – students – $20 (includes concert ticket, … Read More

SMO for Benefit Concert

Eric Rynes: CD release concert

Many of the most unique and creative international composers of the past 40 years have used the violin as a canvas or laboratory. Violinist Eric Rynes, familiar to many Seattle-area audiences, has recorded an album of extraordinarily diverse contemporary works for solo violin and violin with computer-realized sounds, from Elliott Carter’s playful depiction of a three-way argument in Riconoscenza, … Read More


The Turtling Dithers: Nothing Is What It Seems

a musical with bibliography by The Turtling Dithers

Lyrics by Jay Hamilton. Music by Maurice Colasurdo (electric and acoustic guitar), Gordon Frazier (mouth-resonated instruments, percussion, effects, cheap theatrics, vocals), and Jay Hamilton (acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, vocals)

Theme? Appearances, books, feelings, philosophy, politics. So nothing serious, obviously.

Each of the songs in the musical have elements that really happened. Or, if … Read More


Nineteen Crimes/Janet Feder/Chris Icasiano

Jen Gilleran was invited to record with Allison Miller and Gregg Keplinger the week she arrived in Seattle from Costa Rica (before that Denver, before that NYC). It was a powerful and cinematic experience. The Racer Sessions offered her another unique introduction to a community of brilliant improvisers and composers and the band GRID was formed. With over 15 … Read More