Ha-Yang Kim’s TERMINALS is a full-length meditative audiovisual work inspired by the peripatetic quality of contemporary life; arrival and departure points, the constant states of flux both in exterior locations and interior realms, sojourns through dense tech-centric cosmopolitan urbania to vast natural landscapes, the extreme degrees of human connection-communion-discord-solitude. Through contrasting seamless sections of sonic and abstracted visual environments, … Read More


Ensemble MidtVest

Founded in 2002, Denmark’s Ensemble MidtVest consists of a string quartet, a wind quintet and a pianist. Understanding that classical music is a living tradition, rooted in the past, but as relevant today as it has been for centuries, therefore, it is their credo to make the most beautiful music of the past 500 years accessible to the 21st … Read More


Mark Hilliard Wilson: Album de Colien

Seattle guitarist Mark Hilliard Wilson performs contemporary pieces from a collection of music from 1995-1997 by 24 composers across Spain and Portugal who have written musical reflections on poetry by women from around the world dating from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Each piece will be preceded by the projection of the poem in Greek, Arabic or … Read More

The Innocents + UW Percussion Ensemble

Percussionists Allen Otte (of the pioneering early percussion ensemble Percussion Group Cincinnati/Blackearth Percussion Group) and John Lane (Texas) present The Innocents, a musical response to the well-known Innocence Project. Using spoken word, electronics, field recordings, found objects and traditional percussion, the work centers on exoneration of those wrongly convicted through DNA testing, plus reform of the criminal justice system … Read More


Janna Webbon & friends: Compassion

Women are central to mythic stories of death and rebirth, but they are often pushed to the side in patriarchal institutions. Our goal is to reclaim this space and fill it with dynamic expressions of femininity. You can expect chants by Hildegard von Bingen sung by Danielle Sampson and Beth Ann Bonnecroy. Janna Webbon and Sarah Pyle will be … Read More


Beth Fleenor: Straight to the Heart

Tiny pies & delectable treats, meditation, and catharsis combine with live music, video, and light in a two hour ritual experience. Created by Beth Fleenor (voice / amplified clarinet / sound & food composition) with Scott Keva James (video art), David Verkade (lighting), and special surprise guests, this will be an evening of taste, breath, listening, motion, and being.

For … Read More

Crystal Beth clarinet_photo by Joe Iano