Kin of the Moon: What Better Than Call a Dance

Kin of the Moon’s show What Better Than Call a Dance is inspired by the relationship of dance to music; how music informs dance and dance informs music. We’ll be collaborating with Beth Fleenor on clarinet, vocals, electronics and Karin Stevens; the two will interweave a series of improvisations interspersed with four new takes on some pre-existing dance music … Read More


Drone Cinema Film Festival

The Drone Cinema Film Festival, now in its fourth year, showcases cutting-edge minimalist works of ethereal beauty that transmute sonic drones into the visual realm.

Drone Cinema (which has nothing to do with obnoxious flying robots) draws its inspiration from a wide range of sources: the mid-century experimental films of Stan Brakhage and Jordan Belson, the sound Of the hurdy-gurdy … Read More


Feldman: Crippled Symmetry

Crippled Symmetry, written in 1983 is the second of three works by New York Jewish composer Morton Feldman for this trio combination. Representing the culminating style of his compositions, with long time frames and somewhat repetitive yet ever-changing and overlapping material for the three players in a subtle quiet dynamic, this period is perhaps his best known through a … Read More


Inverted Space Ensemble

Inverted Space Ensemble presents four new works by four eclectic composers. Drawing on an ensemble that was born out of Inverted Space’s Cornish Residency, the concert will feature works for a unique ensemble of violin/viola, sax/clarinet, acoustic/electric guitar, piano and percussion. The concert will feature newly commissioned works by Charles Corey, Yigit Kolat, Luke Fitzpatrick and Ben Levin. … Read More

April 27th Image


AIR celebrates the second CD release and digital drop by MDC in a projected tetralogy of ambient and synthesized soundscapes based on the classical elements: water, air, earth and fire. Incorporating twenty-five years of field recordings from all over the world, “AIR” also includes non-real-time granular synthesis of these recordings and real-time processing of stringed instruments: guitar, bass and … Read More


Blake DeGraw + Noel Kennon/Greg Kelley

Blake DeGraw is a composer, performer, bandleader and sound installation artist currently studying composition at Cornish College of the Arts. His primary interest is in large-group performance, often exploring extremes in spatial dispersion and alternative methods of conducting.

“The combined sound of [DeGraw’s] ensemble could be described as if Charles Ives had access to psychedelic mind-altering substances.” – icareifyoulisten

He will … Read More