Kyle Hanson/Greg Campbell/Britta Johnson

Nothing will be explained this evening’: Kyle Hanson (accordion), Greg Campbell (percussion), and Britta Johnson (moving imagery) improvise on a set of semi-composed pieces.

Composer and accordionist Kyle Hanson (aka The Murkies) innovated the extended technique described as ‘alternating transverse oscillation of the bellows’ by which he obtains a shimmering sound and immersive effects. His music ranges from ambient soundscapes … Read More


Zero-G: Jan Koekepan + Fejj + Steve Fisk + Tempered Steel

Zero-G returns with a synapse-stretching lineup of maverick electronic musicians whose singular yet complementary approaches offer a refreshing antidote to the ubiquity of mainstream EDM.

Jan Koekepan studied classical guitar from an early age, developing his ear and learning the limitations of his physical performance talents. His exposure to influences such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, and Klaus Schulze led him … Read More


Evil Genius + Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand

Evil Genius (Portland/Los Angeles) is a forward-marching experimental jazz trio formed in 2012. The band is made up of Max Kutner on guitars (Grandmothers of Invention, Magic Band, Alphonso Johnson), Stefan Kac on tuba (Milo Fine, Jon Armstong, Hammerstein) and Michael “Bonepocket” Lockwood on drums and percussion (Atomic Ape, Deradoorian, Matt Kivel). The band’s unique sound has drawn comparisons … Read More


Brooks Tran, piano

Brooks Tran, pianist of Inverted Space and Parnassus Project, presents works by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Morton Feldman, George Crumb, and Yiğit Kolat.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Brooks Tran began playing the piano at the age of seven. He continued his musical studies at the University of Washington where he worked with Patricia Michaelian and Craig Sheppard. Tran has performed … Read More


CLAP: Briggan Krauss String & Reed Quartet

Briggan Krauss is an internationally recognized saxophonist with a signature sound and unique technical approach to the instrument. But his music took a dramatic turn about five years ago when he became obsessed with playing the guitar, which has completely changed the way he thinks about and approaches music; it has even had a surprising and dramatic influence on … Read More


Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Finnegans Wake

Composer Neal Kosaly-Meyer has embarked upon a 17-year project to learn and perform each chapter of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake from memory, and with acute attention to the musical detail of this remarkable text.

For the third year Kosaly-Meyer is presenting a series of performances of the Wake chapters worked up thus far. The culminating show this year will be … Read More

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