NonSeq: Music of Farzia Fallah

Born in Tehran (Iran), Farzia Fallah is currently based in Cologne, working internationally with various orchestras, ensembles, and musicians. She’s lived in Germany since 2007, having studied composition at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen and at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, as well as the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg. She has been a fellow of Deutsches Studienzentrum … Read More

Dez’Mon Omega Fair

Dez’Mon Omega Fair hosts an unfolding installation, a poetry bath, a performance, and a reading; an experience in expressive art.

The event is a studio visit in motion. Dez’Mon will read new writing. We’ll view and organize paintings together. We’ll meditate into a bath of sound and poetry. There will be an opportunity for the audience/viewer/participant to draw and write … Read More

Bad to the Drone: a guitar drone showcase

Droneroom is the nom de strum of Blake Edward Conley, a certified Kentucky Colonel and the self-professed Cowboy of Drone. Conley has demonstrated his ability to drift, twang, and sear over the course of numerous releases (including …The Other Doesn’t, Neon Depression, Negative Libra, Whatever Truthful Understanding, and Rusted Lung) across various labels (Somewherecold, Desert Records, Marginal Glitch, Echodelick, … Read More

Tom Baker Quartet + Kin of the Moon

Two Seattle bands with deep ties to the city’s new and experimental music scenes, Tom Baker Quartet and Kin of the Moon, will present an evening of acoustic, improvised music to explore the mystical resonances of the Chapel Performance Space. 

Short sets by each band will be followed by a third set with all seven performers: Heather Bentley (viola), Kaley Lane … Read More


PRAN is trombonist Greg Powers performing the deeply meditative style of Dhrupad. Since his Fulbright to India in 1988, Powers has continued his study of the ancient Dagarbhani tradition both here and in Mumbai with Ustads Zia Fariduddin Dagar, Jeff Lewis, Uday Bhawalkar and Bahauddin Dagar. He is a pioneer in adapting this ancient tradition to the trombone and … Read More

Tiny Orchestral Moments

Tiny Orchestral Moments presents an evening of structured improvisation for ginormous guitar ensemble, featuring eleven electric guitars: SGC ElecTrio, CKST, Fernando Kabusacki (Buenos Aires) and Fabio Mittino (Milan).

SGC ElecTrio (Steve Ball, Travis Metcalf, Brad Hogg, Dev Ray, Don Box) is a subset of Seattle Guitar Circle, local chapter of the legendary League of Crafty Guitarists playing intricate, polymetric music … Read More

Satchel Henneman

Guitarist Satchel Henneman performs an eclectic program of contemporary works by Chris Cerrone, Han Lash, Zachary James Watkins, Tom Baker, Jarrad Powell, and Marguerite Brown. With a program evocative of many styles and genres, from Han Lash’s jazz-like “For Ben,” to Marguerite Brown’s textural study of clouds “Crown Shyness,” this rare opportunity to experience a recital of contemporary concert … Read More