Right Brain Music Minifest

The Right Brain Music Minifest is a one-night explosion of improvised music, featuring local virtuosos and spontaneous jams that will stretch your imagination. The Minifest will include short sets by widely contrasting local artists, followed by Chance Trios, randomly chosen by audience members, and a massive full ensemble jam, in a unique program to be created for just this audience … Read More

Erin Jorgensen + Kyle Hanson

Kyle Hanson is a non-traditional accordionist and has developed an oscillating bellows technique that produces shimmering waves of sound. This evening’s set will consist of luscious clouds of rhythmically articulated, slowly-unfolding tone clusters, populated with ghostly suggestions of melody, notes hovering in the air.Erin Jorgensen will play a half-improvisatory, half-structured set of meditative, dreamy landscapes on her five-octave marimba. … Read More

Tamara Zenobia: Galactic Pyramid Transmissions

Tamara Zenobia will share her work as Vocal Alchemist using her voice to transcend space and time and bring you galactic messages from within her self-built pyramid. In this performance she will be using singing bowls, pan drum, and other world instruments to bring her stories together. 

Seating will be primarily on the floor, with chairs arranged for those who would like them. … Read More

Orgone Donor + RN White

Obscure & Terrible presents a dual cassette release show featuring Orgone Donor and RN White with an opening set from John Saint-Pelvyn.Originally assembled as an aural complement to a paranormal-themed museum opening show, Orgone Donor (V.Vecker, Dustin WIlliams, Riley Reasor) are a dense fog of electronics and saxophone. After their first show slated to take place March 13th, 2020, was cancelled and much of the … Read More

Boshnack / Campbell / Denio

A night of spontaneous compositions from three of Seattle’s finest musicians and longtime members of the creative music scene.

Internationally recognized composers Sam Boshnack (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Amy Denio (alto sax, clarinet, accordion, voice) join renaissance man Greg Campbell (drums, percussion, gongs, french horn) for a night of spontaneous composition and musical exploration.  Working with loose themes, these accomplished beacons … Read More

Puget Sounds Wind Quintet

Puget Sounds Wind Quintet members perform with Village Theatre, Fifth Avenue Theatre, Symphony Tacoma, Seattle Symphony/Opera and other groups, and come together to produce their own music in the form of a quintet representing the winds of the orchestra.The Living & Breathing Wind Music program presents an array of contemporary classical selections by five living composers, ranging from the literal representation of nature … Read More