Shannon / Stanford / Largent: An Evening of Drone

Inspired by a variety of collaborations over the past few years, specifically outdoor performances on the beaches of Shoreline, Michael Shannon, David Stanford, and Joey Largent will come together for an evening of continuous improvisatory amplified drone music. All of their collaborations thus far have been to accompany dance, but this evening will offer an exploration into the deeper … Read More

James Falzone & Omar Willey

James Falzone presents a solo performance on clarinets, piano, penny whistles, shruti box, and bells, in celebration of his new release, So Far Still, which was recorded by Steve Peters at the Chapel as part of the Wayward in Limbo series. Joining James will be spoken word artist Omar Willey. 

So Far Still marks Falzone’s 15th release on his Allos Documents … Read More

Michelle Huang & Erin Wight: Transformations

The Seattle-based viola and piano duo presents an intriguing program exploring the idea of transformation through the works of Armenian-American composer Mary Kouyoumdjian, Brazilian-American composer Clarice Assad, British-American composer Rebecca Clarke, and Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. These composers’ works approach the concept of transformation from different angles. Some troubling and challenging, some joyful and transcendent, some wandering and searching … Read More

Ben McAllister: Solo + Big Audience Composition Experiment

Ben McAllister (Guitar Cult, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Medicine Hat, Tuktu) brings his unique musical language to two sets: a solo set involving projected notation and homebrewed software slicing-and-dicing, then an hour of audience collaboration which will result in 3 (or more) new compositions, education and, potentially, enlightenment. Bring your voice or another unamplified pitch-making apparatus.

“This night is about exploring … Read More

Earshot/Nonseq: Vitamin D & Drum Orbit

Drum Orbit is a new experimental quintet led by turntable artist and producer Vitamin D, featuring Kassa Overall on drums, Darrius Willrich on keys, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass, and Gerson Zaragoza on guitar. Our mission is to expose music lovers to new ways of looking at music while acknowledging ancestral traditions and rhythms.

When you think of musical instruments you … Read More

Max Kutner & Friends

An evening of musical improvisation informed by experience and exchange across the sonic voices of five unique performers. 

Max Kutner is a guitarist/composer originally from Las Vegas, NV and currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Aniela Perry is a cellist/bassist who has worked with artists across a diverse spectrum of styles including Amanda Palmer, Jherek Bishoff and Vinny Golia.

Saxophonist Neil Welch … Read More

Tom Swafford & Friends

Born and raised in Seattle, Tom Swafford left home in 1991 and lived in Seattle again from 2002-2007. During that time, Tom formed many connections in Seattle’s vibrant creative music and arts community.  He began working with Butoh artist Vanessa Skantze in the group Death Posture. In their duo work over the years, they developed a unique and powerful … Read More

Benoît Pioulard, Hotel Neon, Viul, Natasha El-Sergany

Benoît Pioulard, Hotel Neon, Viul and Natasha El-Sergany present a night of atmospheric music featuring guitar, voice, and electronic instrumentation.

Benoît Pioulard is the primary audiovisual project of Brooklyn-based (ex-Seattle) Thomas Meluch. With six LPs on the renowned kranky imprint, as well as a catalog of works for Universal (UK), Morr Music (DE) and others, he has constructed a unique aesthetic … Read More

NonSeq: Striking Music

Seattle’s Striking Music is a hybrid percussion ensemble focused on blending lights and sounds into an immersive counterpoint, featuring percussionists Storm Benjamin, Rebekah Ko, and James Doyle, alongside sound designer Benjamin Marx and lighting designer Kevin Blanquies.

Their original music draws equally from minimalist percussion traditions and DIY mentalities, with handmade instruments and bespoke lighting sculptures. Through painstaking revision, the … Read More

Earshot: Christian Pincock’s Scrambler

The inspired trombonist Christian Pincock spins jazz, classical music, folk music, and sound effects through a conducted improv sign language called Soundpainting. His ensemble of fine Seattle improvisers helps him to create distinctive works which have included reinterpretations of The Nutcracker Suite and ’80s pop love songs. His relatable collages are imbued with unexpected juxtapositions. Joining Christian Pincock are: … Read More

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble + Ricksplund + Vanessa Skantze

An evening of dark improvised experimental music and spoken word just before the Veil begins to Thin for all Hallows Eve.

Vanessa Skantze is a Butoh artist, yoga practitioner, and writer who has performed and taught in the US and Europe for over twenty years. For this evening’s performance she will have a focus on her Spoken Word works. Skantze is a co-founder … Read More

St Celfer

“Seattleʼs St Celfer writes immersive electronic songs that encompass both haunting beauty & wild experimentalism.” – BANDCAMP St Celfer, of Korean and American origin, currently lives between São Paulo and Seattle, the latter living off/on since 1990. A fan of Seattle grunge, was, once upon a time, in the 00’s New York scene performing, among other places, at CBGB’s, The … Read More

Seattle Composer-Pianists

Join four Seattle-area composer-pianists as they perform their own works, many of them world premieres. Gavin Borchert will be presenting his hybrid work Text-piano alongside striking miniatures. Keith Eisenbrey will be playing the last two movements of his extensive Etudes d’execution imminent series. Aaron Keyt is joined by Jennifer K. Chung to premiere his new set of 4-hand works, Monsters. And Peter Nelson-King will … Read More