Seattle Phonographers Union + Tom Varner’s Sound Vespers

The Seattle Phonographers Union is a collective of sound recordists who have been improvising together with unprocessed field recordings since 2002. Coming from diverse backgrounds (musicians, recording engineers, game designers, etc.), they treat the sounds of the world as raw material for moving and evocative sound collages woven in real time. In recent years they’ve expanded their approach to … Read More

Joey Largent and Katrina Wolfe: Dreams of the Forty Whales of the Harmonic Reed System

Joey Largent joins his quartet, Glacial Time Communion, in presenting a new, long-duration composition for four re-tuned reed boxes in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Katrina Wolfe, who will perform her subtle and intricate choreography with the composition. 

For the piece, three shruti boxes and one harmonium have been re-tuned by hand into just intonation using the first seven primes (2-17) … Read More

Triptet & Anne La Berge

Triptet is a meeting of minds and spontaneous electrical impulses between Michael Monhart (saxophones and percussion), Tom Baker (guitars and effects), and Greg Campbell (percussion and cheap electronics). Amsterdam-based Anne La Berge’s passion for the extremes in both composed and improvised music has led her to storytelling and sound art as her sources of musical inspiration. Her music gathers the … Read More

Asplund / Baker / Denio

Composer-multi-instrumentalists Amy Denio and Christian Asplund performed as The Naked Slime Duo in the ‘90s, in a synergy of phreneticism, quirky humor, lyricism, and genre-bending. In this performance, they will be joined by the brainy, profound, and dexterous composer-guitarist Tom Baker in their first outing as a trio. This performance will offer a rare chance to hear this trio … Read More

Peter Nelson-King – Feldman: For Bunita Marcus

Morton Feldman’s For Bunita Marcus (1985) is one of the great piano masterpieces of the late 20th century. Building on a handful of notes and pregnant pauses, Feldman uses his singular talent to spin magic glass and dance through silence. Lasting 72 minutes in one unbroken movement, For Bunita Marcus brings music to the event horizon.  Multi-instrumentalist Peter Nelson-King will perform the … Read More

Tamara Zenobia: Galactic Pyramid Transmissions

Tamara Zenobia will share her work as Vocal Alchemist using her voice to transcend space and time and bring you galactic messages from within her self-built pyramid. In this performance she will be using singing bowls, pan drum, and other world instruments to bring her stories together. 

Seating will be primarily on the floor, with chairs arranged for those who would like them. … Read More