Hidden Aria

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Nelson-King and guitarist Mark Hilliard Wilson are coming together for a unique, adventurous program of contemporary works and improvisation. The pairing of classical guitar with brass instruments, voice and keyboards is an unlikely one, but the musicians have found brilliant contemporary works that explore the fullest sonic possibilities of the featured instruments, and explore even further with an … Read More

Inverted Space: The Return, Part I

Inverted Space Ensemble returns with the first of 2 consecutive concerts.  The first concert will feature Philip Glass’ Music in Fifths, Kerrith Livengood’s Scrawl Etude and Julius Eastman’s Stay On It.  This concert will feature special guests Daria Binkowski, Ania Sundstrom and Abbey Blackwell. 

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: For the safety of all present, audience members are required to wear a mask covering … Read More

Inverted Space: The Return, Part II

Inverted Space Ensemble concludes its return in bold fashion. Featured on this program are the Seattle premieres of Vera Ivanova’s Children’s Games and Linda Bouchard’s Liquid States featuring special guest Paulina Michels. The group will also perform Arnold Schoenberg’s magical Pierrot Lunaire, featuring special guests Daria Binkowski, Rose Bellini, and Emerald Lessley. 

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: For the safety of all present, audience members are … Read More

NonSeq: Sous Chef + beanieskimask & Derek Blackstone

A culinary artist of audio food, sous chef (Antoine Martel) uniquely blends modular synths, classical & film inspired pianos, strings, and horns as well as experimental sounds & music concrete style sampling, mixing together both highly composed an totally improvised pieces in an attempt to explore vast cosmic landscapes of undiscovered sounds. Sous chef has been creating for almost … Read More

Jeff Greinke & Rob Angus: Deep Ambient

Jeff Greinke is a renowned composer of ambient, electroacoustic, and experimental music. Having a degree in meteorology, weather has remained a central theme of his heavily atmospheric work, which blends electronic and acoustic instruments and textures to produce multi-layered soundscapes that are at once haunting and inviting. Deeply informed by his time living in the desert outside of Tucson, … Read More

Seattle-Isfahan Project: 33

Naeim Rahmani, classical guitarist and Artistic Director of the Seattle-Isfahan Project, has commissioned new works by three Iranian composers living outside of Iran (Anahita Abbasi, Farziah Fallah, Parisa Sabet) and three Seattle composers (Jeff Bowen, Huck Hodge, Yigit Kolat) to draw attention to the water crisis that is happening now in Iran, particularly the drought that is affecting the … Read More

NonSeq: Mangal

Mangal is an experimental ensemble conceived by mrudangam artist and composer Rajna Swaminathan, gathering artists across disciplines and locales to collaboratively improvise while pushing the boundaries of their creative process. In English, the word mangal refers to an assemblage of mangroves, which form a chaotic, non-hierarchical rhizome. In Sanskrit, mangal describes harmonious or sacred timing. This imagery of entanglement and serendipity guides a … Read More

Ramen Trio

Ramen Trio celebrates it’s second recording release with another eclectic and engaging performance of composed/improvised music.

Ramen Trio mixes composition and improvisation in various combinations while not adhering to any one style. You will hear elements of jazz, contemporary classical, folk and even rock at different times. The band plays in a unified way, but often opens into three separate … Read More

Equinox Experiments

Please join us for a celebration of the Autumnal Equinox featuring atmospheric and experimental guitar treatments, analog synthesis, electro-acoustics and psychedelic visuals. 

Performers include Josh Medina of Some Surprises (presenting his solo guitar loop-based treatments), Meridian Arc (providing analog synthscapes reminiscent of Tangerine Dream), Sacred Signs (enveloping, warped, electro-goth-folk drones), I can’t trace time (treated guitar loops for deep listening), Mason Jones … Read More