Aaron Butler

Local experimental percussionist Aaron Michael Butler presents a concert of premieres for resonant metal instruments and electronics by Elizabeth A. Baker, Justin Greene, and Matt Sargent. Elizabeth A. Baker‘s new work for vibraphone and electronics utilizes paintings created by the composer in multiple ways: one is amplified to capture the vibraphone’s sound for processing as well as sounds made on it directly, and … Read More

Tongue Depressor & Austin Larkin + Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang

Tongue Depressor is the duo of Zach Rowden and Henry Birdsey. They write and perform music with pedal steel, double bass, bells, tapes, and fiddles, often using microtonal tunings.

Austin Larkin is a composer and violinist focusing on elements of tone within the interstices of fields, symmetries, and patterns. His performance and practice is informed by research into dimensions of … Read More

Derek Monypeny + what w/ Robert Millis

Born in the Arizona desert, a veteran of multiple explorations into the Sahara desert via Morocco and Western Sahara, and now a resident of the Mojave, Derek Monypeny sees his musical mission as adding to and expanding on what he calls the “desert continuum” – the psychedelic sirocco swirl of desert-based stringed instruments played with utter abandon by musicians … Read More

Equinox Experiments

Please join us for a celebration of the Autumnal Equinox featuring atmospheric and experimental guitar treatments, analog synthesis, electro-acoustics and psychedelic visuals. 

Performers include Josh Medina of Some Surprises (presenting his solo guitar loop-based treatments), Meridian Arc (providing analog synthscapes reminiscent of Tangerine Dream), Sacred Signs (enveloping, warped, electro-goth-folk drones), I can’t trace time (treated guitar loops for deep listening), Mason Jones … Read More