TAP 4.0: The Nyxology Sessions

Social, 7 PM; Music, 8 PM. Donations accepted as cash or via Venmo, Square Cash, Zelle or PayPal to wcsartanddesign@yahoo.com.

TAP 4.0: The Nyxology Sessions are high-level experiments in the art and craft of designing and presenting simultaneous, multi-participant and multi-discipline live performances, or “art-theater”, that inhabit a venue’s on and off-stage spaces and feature the live-scores of The Antenna … Read More

NonSeq: Leanna Keith

Rice, Blood, Sugar is a piece in three parts that explores the experience of heritage language loss through language as food, language as lineage, and language as delight, performed upon the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a festival of family and ancestral reunion. The composition and soundings utilize homophones in Mandarin Chinese throughout to amplify the somatic experience for … Read More

Noel Kennon

An evening of music : 

sounding :  to reenact mist or steam

Noel Kennon presents new music for solo contrabass clarinet. 

The structure of the work is a rendering of cognition; this activity is a result of biofeedback between sounding and listening. The intention of this work is to memorialize Paul Hoskin. ]

Noel Kennon is local artist, line cook, and enthusiast of the moon … Read More

Kogut Butoh & friends

An evening of butoh, live music and film with Joan Laage/Kogut Butoh and musicians Bill Horist, Michael Shannon, David Stanford, Joey Largent and special guest Katrina Wolfe

Dance for 9 Corpses Joan Laage/Kogut Butoh & Katrina Wolfe with Michael Shannon, David Stanford & Joey Largent 

Manhattan October (2022)Film by Michael Shannon

Piercing HeartJoan Laage/Kogut Butoh with Bill Horist

Known as Kogut Butoh, Joan Laage … Read More

Nat Evans & Joey Largent: Music from Dreams

Joey Largent will share an excerpt from the most recent version of his ongoing semi-improvised work for reed organ and voice, It Was in Dreams That We Knew Each Other. The current version features the recent addition of a new just intonation tuning paired with an extended field recording from the Washington Coast. The work weaves through gently drifting long … Read More

Earshot: Sheridan Riley

Sponsored by BECU. Welcomed by 91.3 KBCS.

The first of three 2023 Earshot Jazz Festival Commission artists, Sheridan Riley is poised to make a difference on the local jazz scene. Not one to be limited by boundaries, Riley at a young age was inspired by the likes of Karen Carpenter, Led Zeppelin, the Jackson Five, ABBA, the Beatles, Deerhoof, Miles … Read More

NonSeq: Nakatani Gong Orchestra

Tatsuya Nakatani is a creative artist/percussionist originally from Osaka, Japan who has released over sixty recordings in North America and Europe. Residing in the USA since 1994, he has performed countless solo percussion concerts and has collaborated with hundreds of artists in international music festivals, university concert halls, art museums and galleries.

The Nakatani Gong Orchestra (NGO) is a large … Read More

Francisco López + Barbara Ellison

Please note: Due the limited audience size (85), tickets are available ONLY ONLINE IN ADVANCE. Tickets will not be sold at the door!

Internationally acclaimed for the intensity, richness, and astonishing audio detail of his liveimmersive surround performances in the dark, sound artist and composer Francisco López hascreated yet another magnum sonic tour de force in his new VirtuAural Electro-MechanicsRead More

NonSeq: Julio Lopez + Sonora Enjambre

Julio Lopez is a creative musician and music teacher living on Tohono O’odham land / Tucson, AZ. They are interested in sound as thought and thought as sound. Their work orients towards ideas around repertoire (cherished knowledge), ornaments, and emptiness.

“I’m excited to be sharing new work for voice and electronics – original compositions braided together with arrangements and … Read More

Seattle Modern Orchestra


Seattle Modern Orchestra presents an evening of dynamic chamber music from across the Americas. Curated by Cristina Valdés, longtime SMO pianist and founder of the Seattle Latin American Music Festival, this program features music by composers with roots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. Works by Angélica Negrón and Luis Fernando Amaya utilize electroacoustic soundscapes, … Read More

Earshot: Craig Taborn

Earshhot Jazz Festival presents a solo concert by pianist Craig Taborn.

Born in Minneapolis and now based in Brooklyn, Craig Taborn has been performing piano and electronic music in the jazz, improvisational, and creative music scene for over twenty five years. His mastery of the form is legendary. Taborn has collaborated with a myriad of other musicians including Wadada Leo … Read More

Carbon in Prose + RM Francis + Flicker Duo

Autumnal Resonances – Three local experimental music artists (Carbon In Prose, RM Francis, and Flicker Duo) perform original compositions ranging from ambient, noise, electroacoustic, and free improvisation.

Carbon In Prose is the ambient music project from Seattle-based composer Cam MacNair. Inspired by movements in nature and the human juxtaposition to it, the project aims to capture its moments in stasis, … Read More

Kin of the Moon

Kin of the Moon and Shadow Girls Cult team up to present: COVE. Featuring new works by Kaley Lane Eaton, a new commission by UK composer Dominic Matthews, and Heather Bentley’s Rewilding. The Kin of the Moon trio features classically trained composer/performers who utilize electronics and embrace improvisation to create wild new soundscapes. Bentley’s Rewilding is a sonic platform … Read More

Earshot: Roman Norfleet & Be Present Art Group

Co-produced by Earshot Jazz and Nonsequitur

Portland-based ensemble Be Present Art Group (BPAG) is a multidimensional revolving artists collective who specialized in improvisational creative collaborations. Founded in 2021 by Roman Norfleet, BPAG strives to empower through collaboration, creativity, and education. Earlier this year they released an album titled Roman Norfleet and Be Present Art Group (Mississippi Records). The ensemble for … Read More