EarthtoneSkytone + Crystal Pupa CANCELED


EarthtoneSkytone, the intrepid electro-acoustic songwriting quartet led by Carlos Snaider and Kelsey Mines, curate a night of synth-laden jazz and creative music with an opening set from local pianist/singer-songwriter Crystal Pupa.

EarthtoneSkytone is a multi-dimensional electro-acoustic quartet from Seattle. Traversing jazz, experimental pop … Read More

SOUNDbox Curators Concert

Nonsequitur is pleased to start off 2022 with the introduction of SOUNDbox, a new artist-led curator series aimed at positively stimulating the local music scene with visionary and generative live performances. 

For SOUNDbox, Nonsequitur hands over curation of our monthly concerts to a team of four celebrated local artists who will collectively program twelve events in the coming year. Pianist … Read More

Noel Kennon

An evening of new music utilizing spatialized acousmatic sound, idiosyncratic metal sound sculptures and a small ensemble. 

Meditations sounding on isolation, supply chain, resonance, air conditioning, rent, love, employment, death, etc. A concert presentation of the compositional efforts of local composer Noel Kennon over the past two years. The evening is structured in two main parts with a brief pause between these two sections: 

[Opening sounding or (stones … Read More

Tristan Gianola: Millennial Sunset

Written in the wake of post-quarantine pandemic, Millennial Sunset is a new theatrical work by composer Tristan Gianola voicing the existential depression surrounding climate change, composed for narrator, electric guitar, amplified string quartet and electronics. The piece follows a series of journal entries written by Gianola, documenting the depression of day to day life through late-stage capitalism, while carrying the … Read More + Demetrius Patin + WabiSabi

Modular Seattle presents (re)connect, SF Bay Area duo’s evening of experimental electronic music and visuals exploring reconnecting after two years of isolation for performing artists. The whole evening connects its parts into a journey, newly traveled every night.

The Seattle performance of (re)connect includes local musicians Demetrius Patin and WabiSabi. The evening journey includes time for each of … Read More

Lightbath/Giselle Gabrielle Garcia/Planar Drift

Basement State presents an immersive evening of light and sound featuring Lightbath, Gisselle Gabrielle Garcia, and Planar Drift. Visuals will be provided by Former and set break music by Herr Shield.

Composer and improviser Bryan Noll explores time and space with his musical project, Lightbath. Taking inspiration from Brian Eno’s view of composers as gardeners, Noll plants musical seeds with … Read More