Right Brain Records presents: Amy Denio, Bill Horist, Levitation, New World Trio

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Right Brain Records hosts a concert of improvised music showcasing some of Seattle’s finest. Headlining are two internationally recognized performers, vocalist/saxophonist extraordinaire Amy Denio and experimental guitar virtuoso Bill Horist. You’ll also hear free improv quartet Levitation (Don Berman on drums, Carol J Levin on electric harp, Matt Benham on guitar/electronics, and Dick Valentine … Read More

Odd Partials

Please note that our building’s elevator is now back in service!

Clarinetist Rachel Yoder and composer Greg Dixon join forces as Odd Partials, transforming the clarinet through effects pedals, Max/MSP, and modular synthesis, in compositions by Yoder, Dixon, Jenni Brandon, Jessi Harvey, and William O. Smith.

Clarinetist Rachel Yoder is a Seattle-area contemporary music specialist and instructor of clarinet at Western … Read More

Inverted Space: Bearing Fruit

Inverted Space presents an evening showcasing both the seeds and fruit of American Experimentalism. Starting with the early seeds, the group will perform John Cage’s Nocturne and 6 Melodies as well as Varied Trio by Lou Harrison. Then we will present two works by Vera Ivanova for solo piano, Black Echo and Karkata. Fresh off Seattle Symphony’s performance of Together, This Journey, Inverted Space will play a piece Charles Corey wrote for the ensemble … Read More

Wayne Horvitz/Gravitas Qt. + The Westerlies

Led by pianist/composer Wayne Horvitz, Gravitas Quartet explores the intersection of chamber music and improvisation, with a broad palette of texture, sonority, rhythm, and ensemble fluidity, and a unique instrumentation. Horvitz’s wide-ranging compositions provide a compelling platform for untethered improvisations, woven together by the dynamic ensemble interplay of four master practitioners: Wayne Horvitz (piano), Peggy Lee (cello), Sarah Schoenbeck … Read More

Future Museums/Elrond/New Frontiers/Karen Gamble

SFI Recordings presents an Evening of Inner Reflections featuring performances by the troubadour of modern new age music, Future Museums, along with duo Elrond, who will be performing a set of tranquil synth soundscapes augmented by crystal singing bowls, as well as the live debut of Seattle’s New Frontiers (who released their debut album (of) Inner Dimensions on SFI recordings in … Read More

NonSeq: Noel Brass Jr. + Intervales

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Intervales is the electronic/ambient music project of composer, electronic musician, and drummer Alex Vittum. Performing with acoustic percussion, synthesizers, and live video processing, he is obsessed with hypnotic and melodic themes, and has an enveloping, contemplative sound that is playful, sentimental, and at times ominous.

Alex’s formative percussion studies were with noted … Read More

Lainie Fefferman / Jascha Narveson / Raica

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Three sets of electronic music exploring voice, audience-phones-as-instrument, controlled feedback, and ambient space jams.

Lainie Fefferman will use a combination of vocal processing and networked sample triggering to create jaunty grooves and ambient soundscapes that leave the listener woozy like the end of a five-course rooftop meal.

Jascha Narveson will play a set … Read More

Silica Gel / Jr. Mint Prince / August / Ornament & Crime

An evening of avant-garde folk, free improv, and ambient music. 

Silica Gel adapts medieval texts into lush noise ballads & composes original art songs for two voices, custom electronics, percussion & various strings. Their sound is a unique synthesis of Early music with improvisation and folk elements that create a spacious & highly textured sound world. Coming out of the Birmingham, Alabama … Read More

Subvector Colloquy

Wielding between them electric twang machine, select dynamically modulated crossblows, Italian battle zither, and the fearsome 3-button gargle tube, the four wizards of Subvector Colloquy return to the stage with an evening of freshly unimagined thaumaturgical delights: spells, incantations, enchantments – perhaps even a cryptid or two.

Tom Baker spends most of his time inventing modes of flight, and trying … Read More