The chapel is on the fourth floor of the Good Shepherd Center, and is accessible by elevator or stairs; a ramp next to the main entrance of the building provides wheelchair access. The room is approximately 59’ x 60’ and is divided by four large columns. Maximum audience capacity is 150 (padded chairs that stack on rolling carts). We have a circa-1920s Knabe 9-foot concert grand piano.


Acoustics are quite reverberant. The room sounds wonderful for most unamplified music, but is more problematic for unamplified speaking voice, drums, and electric instruments. The sound system is not permanently installed, and must be set up and taken down for each event. If you wish to use our sound system, you will be required to hire one of our preferred technicians to set it up and tear it down, even if you have your own person to run sound during your event. A movable curtain along the backstage wall allows for some control of the acoustics. The large white wall behind the stage can be used as a projection screen.


Stage is approximately 25’ wide x 23’ deep (about 20′ between the columns) and is a raised platform six inches above the main floor (no additional risers). Floors are wood and flat, not raked. There are no bleachers or seating platforms. Walls are wood panel up to ten feet, then plaster.


There are 27 windows of stained glass, each about 4’ x 8’ or 4′ x 6′. Most of the lower ones open, but some do not. There are pull-down window shades so the room can be darkened, though not completely blacked out. Heating is hot water radiators (mostly quiet but occasionally noisy). There is no air conditioning.


Ceiling is 28 feet high, covered in acoustic tile. House lights are fluorescent ceiling cans. The lighting booth is located on the fifth floor at the rear of the space. Lights are hung from three pipes on the ceiling (upstage, middle of house, rear of house) and two vertical box booms on the side walls; there are no floor or side lights, catwalk, or grid. The lighting plot is set for a basic stage wash; renters may not make any changes to focus or color.

There is a lobby area just outside the entrance to the Chapel with room for ticket sales/concessions/merchandise sales. Two dressing rooms with direct access to restrooms are located at the rear of the Chapel, across the room from the stage. Please note there are no side wings or backstage area, no place to build or store sets, and hours of access are limited, so the space may not be suitable for elaborate theatrical productions.