30th Seattle Improvised Music Festival

To celebrate its 30th festival, the beginning points of Seattle’s creative improvised music will be featured — a sample, to highlight the growth and expansion of creative music in Seattle: cellist Lori Goldston; clarinetist Paul Hoskin; guitarists Sue Ann Harkey and Dave Knott; harpists Carol Levin and Monica Schley; instrument builder/finder Susie Kozawa; percussionists Greg Campbell and Chris Icasiano; saxophonists Neil Welch and Wally Shoup; trombonists Stuart Dempster, Christian Pincock and Greg Powers; trumpeters Angelina Baldoz and Greg Kelley; violinist Alex Guy; vocalist Jessika Kenney.

The festival continues to bring musicians from afar to join in the music. This year’s invited visiting artists include trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj (Beirut, Lebanon), electric guitarist Bill Nace (Northampton, MA), and live electronics master Matthew Ostrowski (Brooklyn, NY).

Tonight’s groupings are as follows:

Neil Welch (saxophone), Monica Schley (harp), Carol Levin (harp)

Lori Goldston (cello), Sue Ann Harkey (electric guitar), Greg Campbell (drums)

Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Bill Nace (electric guitar), Matthew Ostrowski (electronics) + special guests

See also performer line-ups for Thursday 2/5 and Friday 2/6.

Presented by Nonsequitur