Carbon in Prose + RM Francis + Flicker Duo

Autumnal Resonances – Three local experimental music artists (Carbon In Prose, RM Francis, and Flicker Duo) perform original compositions ranging from ambient, noise, electroacoustic, and free improvisation.

Carbon In Prose is the ambient music project from Seattle-based composer Cam MacNair. Inspired by movements in nature and the human juxtaposition to it, the project aims to capture its moments in stasis, in full acceptance of its beauty. Cam will be performing material from the new album Salt Water Blood.

RM Francis is a Seattle-based artist working with computer-generated sound via recordings, performances, and installations. In addition to his solo projects, in recent years he has collaborated with Jack Callahan & Jeff Witscher, Jung An Tagen, and farmersmanual, among others. His most recent releases are pedimos un mensaje (Superpang), AToGRNN Prism (tokinogake), and Every Single Person Has Some Muscle (FLEA).

Flicker Duo, a collaboration between Sarah Pyle, flute, and Janna Webbon, violin, creates incandescent moments that evolve between sound and noise. Based in Western Washington, they build improvised sonic worlds inspired by visual art and the rich ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. Seeds is a new work by Flicker Duo that uses the structures of native wildflower seed pods to inform improvisation.