Charles Rudig & Aaron Michael Butler + AF Jones + Noel Kennon

NYC composer/performer Charles Rudig and Aaron Michael Butler perform duos for no-input mixer and electric vibraphone with support from A. F. Jones and Noel Kennon.

Charles Rudig often composes for limited sonic and material resources, pairing new music ensembles with obsolete consumer technologies such as the Game Boy and the SK-1 sampler. He has written for new music powerhouses such as the Mivos Quartet, Hypercube, Contemporaneous, and the Jack Quartet. In the concert he will be joined by Aaron Michael Butler for a set of improvised duos for electric vibraphone and no-input mixer. 

A. F. Jones is a Dallas-born, Washington-based musician, composer, and sound designer. His live sets are fully improvised, emphasizing the use of guitar, lap steel, or pedal steel. Al is currently involved in several projects, including ‘what’ and Telescoping. Past projects include MANKINDA and Buck Young. As a sound designer and filmmaker, his most recent film is the acclaimed What Is Man and What Is Guitar?: Keith Rowe. He runs the Laminal mastering studio and curates the Marginal Frequency performance series and record label of the same name.

Noel Kennon is a composer and artist whose work often deals with the physical qualities of sound such as the mathematical (or theoretical) forms of pitch space in relation to the harmonic series, difference tones, and the sonority of volume or rather the sonority of space both enclosed and open (on any scale) as well as nominating the socio/environmental effects and phenomenon of sounding in space such as the purpose and politics in engaging strangers along with other unhelpful pursuits. All the while stumbling toward an expression of the sound of that which is not struck in the search of a way to reach compassion to address our collective unending suffering.