Chris Corsano + Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand + Jones/Galbraith/Adams

Master percussionist and innovator Chris Corsano performs solo, with local support from Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand and an electro-acoustic collaboration of Alan Jones, Kole Galbraith and Casey Adams.

For over 20 years Chris Corsano has pushed, pulled and reconsructed the possibilities of the drum set, both as sideman and soloist. An unrelenting innovator, he will perform works for solo drum set. Based in Upstate New York, Chris is in the midst of a North American tour.

Uncompromising free-blues stompers and “purveyors of the Avant-Primitive,” Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand return after a four-year hiatus. 

A.F JonesKole GalbraithCasey Adams: an improvised electric-acoustic confrontation: unfolding collages, skittering noises, collapsing percussion.