Christian Pincock Quintet + Eric Barber + Rothwell/Gebhart/Gillis

After 15 years of concerts, Eric Barber‘s solo saxophone vocabulary continues to grow. For this show, he’ll be using loops and electronics to take full advantage of the ambiance of the Chapel.

Playing family ties, family tries, family flies and thighs, family fines and bribes and mimes and lines: Carmen Rothwell (bass), Mike Gebhart (drums) & Levi Gillis (sax) will be together and sing songs with each other. They will like the songs they are going to sing. They might even love the songs they are going sing. Come be in the room with us and share.

Composed, interpreted and recombined, Christian Pincock‘s original compositions for his quintet bring out the unique voices of the group’s members. These chamber compositions, which are both lyrical and energetic, integrate a variety of influences subtly and organically and feature improvisations and interactions between the players. They feature a written language of symbols which works together with standard notation to expand its descriptive and improvisatory capacity. Christian Pincock, valve trombone; Levi Gillis, tenor sax; Jon Hansen, tuba; Gus Carns, piano; Greg Campbell, drums. (photo: Daniel Sheehan/EyeShotJazz)