Clifford Dunn & Racketology

Seattle’s newest ensemble dedicated to new music, Racketology, gives its first public performance with a program full of new works intended to reinvigorate excitement for experimental music. Ensemble members include Clifford Dunn (flute), Brianna Atwell (viola), Josiah Boothby (horn), Bonnie Whiting Smith (percussion), and Douglas Niemela (electric bass guitar). Included in the program are Mark Applebaum’s The Metaphysics of Notation; Brian Cobb’s D. & A.; Clifford Dunn’s Splinters; Evan Florey-Barnes’ The Nuances of Rachel; Doug Niemela’s Quintology (For Racketology); Jeremy Jolley’s Essai; and James Welsch’s Trio minus Mandy Patinkin.