Cursive: As It Fell Upon a Day

Cursive, a modern chamber ensemble specializing in performing hidden gems of modern classical music with a modular ensemble, is proud to present its season closer, As It Fell Upon A Day. Inspired by the joy and action of Spring and Summer, this unique program combines flute, clarinet, viola, voice and piano in distinct combinations to perform widely varied works themed around love and animals. The program features scarcely heard works by big name composers such as Copland, Stravinsky and Takemitsu, as well as lesser-known names such as Matyas Seiber and Netty Simons, and is capped by a new commissioned work by the Yale-based newcomer Anteo Fabris, Elles sont disparus dans le haze.

The players include flutist Colleen McElroy, founder of the Emissary Quartet; clarinetist Mary Kantor of the Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra; violist Tricia Wu of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra; and vocalist, pianist and group founder Peter Nelson-King of Brass Band Northwest.