Daniel Corral + noisepoetnobody

LA-based composer Daniel Corral performs Diamond Pulses, a 32-minute aural experience that combines spacey electronic polyrhythms, intricate tuning systems, and noisy ambiance to open new sonic dimensions. Constantly evolving minimalist grooves recall Terry Riley, Cluster, Tangerine Dream, or Dawn of Midi. The microtonal tuning systems recall Harry Partch, James Tenney, LaMonte Young, or Arnold Dreyblatt. Meanwhile, the counterpoint of noisy washes recalls the sound of ocean waves on the shore. Diamond Pulses will be performed with live video feed of the piece’s colorful interactive score.

Casey Jones, AKA noisepoetnobody, is a sonic improviser, instrument builder, instrument destroyer, wave distorter, and analog synthesist. He will play a set of all analog modular synthesis.