Don McGreevy / Skerik / Crystal Beth

Three rabid sonic explorers join forces for a night of electricity fueled deep dives to power wash your nervous system for the coming of the new year.

Don McGreevy is a Totalist-minimalist, American-Primitivist composer and multi-instrumentalist who will be performing select pieces from his forthcoming new album INSOUCIANCE using guitars, amplifiers, effects, looping devices, and percussion. Don has worked with drone legends Earth and psychedelic mayhem purveyors The Master Musicians of Bukkake. His SULPHURIC ensembles have performed in varying capacities ranging from duos to small orchestras.

SKERIK will be performing a new solo sax piece with electronics, inspired by the Six Marimba compositions of Steve Reich and the 1977 Dickie Landry album 15 Saxophones. Instead of a tape-based stereo performance, SKERIK will utilize digital delays and a quad surround speaker set up to achieve the different delay time settings.

Crystal Beth uses wailing vocals, amplified clarinet, beat-boxing and electronics to weave a sonic universe all her own. This will be an evening of improvised/intuited aural rituals that ricochet between meditation and a full body purge.