Earshot: MetriLodic + Lil Coop Sextet

Presented by Earshot Jazz. Jazz: The Second Century is our open question to that artistic community: So, what’s happening now? Their answers can be heard on Thursday evenings in July.

MetriLodic is saxophonist Eric Barber, drummer Byron Vannoy, and bassist Paul Kemmish (PK). The trio uses groove and meter, not always linear, as a launch for all original improvisations. Barber brings his global influences as a collaborator in India, Iran and the Balkans to the ensemble. Lil Coop Sextet is a new ensemble from Monktail Creative Music Concern’s bassist and director John Seman (bass), with Mark Ostrowski (drums), Stephen Fandrich (piano), Bill Monto (alto sax), Darian Asplund (tenor sax) and Robby Beasley (trumpet).