Earshot: Syrinx Effect + Chemical Clock

Presented by Earshot Jazz. Jazz: The 2nd Century is Earshot’s annual juried showcase featuring Seattle artists performing original, forward-looking music, in a concert setting.

Syrinx Effect is an experimental platform for trombonist Naomi Siegel and saxophonist Kate Olson. The duo plays contemporary, improvised music with electronics. Olson mixes jazz licks and space on soprano sax above a layer of laptop effects, Buddha Machine loops, and snaps, pops and analog electronic sounds from a Cracklebox. Siegel explores the range and booms of trombone and lays down a background of looped brass thwarted by guitar pedals, plus field recordings from her travels.

Chemical Clock is an aggressive and determined young band with a lot of good ideas and more than enough chops to pull them off. Led by keyboardist and composer Cameron Sharif, the quartet includes Ray Larsen (trumpet), Mark Hunter (bass), and Evan Woodle (drums). Their self-titled debut CD EP is a brief and refreshing blast of post-everything avant fusion, encompassing aspects of jazz, electronic dance music, prog-metal, contemporary classical music, and the indefinable electro-acoustic music currently being explored by edgy rock bands such as Lightning Bolt and Hella.