GRID: Music from Metropolis

Founded by director and drummer Jen Gilleran in 2011, GRID has collaborated to set music to the films of Maya Deren, Ilya Chaiken, Alan Lomax, and Pete Seeger. Last August at the Henry Art Gallery, GRID performed an original score for Metropolis to a sold out audience. For this performance, we will choose selections from Metropolis to be experienced without the film. Neil Welch, sax; Simon Henneman, guitar; Christian Pincock; Sean Lane and Erica Carlson, percussion.

After meeting in a studio with many of Seattle’s best drummers, Gilleran felt an immediate connection to the collaborative experience of the sound and the cinematic qualities were undeniable. It was a natural transition to use film to ground the work – offering pointed inspiration for the collaboration. Each film has different needs and has allowed Gilleran to choose from an exciting roster of local and non-local musicians for both recorded and live work such as drummer/percussionists Allison Miller, Gregg Keplinger, Sean Lane, Andrew Rudd, Don Berman and Erica Carlson; saxophonists Neil Welch, Kate Olson and Dick Valentine; trombonist Christian Pincock; keyboardists James Han and Aaron Otheim; guitarists Simon Henneman, Rob Price, Jamie Mefford and CJ Stout; cellist Martina Grbac, and bassist Joe Malcomb.