Inverted Space: Stockhausen’s Stimmung

Inverted Space performs Karlheinz Stockhausen‘s Stimmung, a 70-minute meditation for 6 amplified voices. Stockhausen composed this work after spending a few weeks exploring Mayan ruins in Mexico, and found inspiration for Stimmung in the stark architecture and rituals that were conducted therein. Stimmung features a recounting of ancient gods, and some of Stockhausen’s own German poetry, all set to a single chord mimicking the overtones of throat singing. A work rarely performed, this sonic meditation inspired countless compositions after.

This performance is part of Inverted Space Ensemble’s “Long Piece Fest”, a festival celebrating contemporary music that is…really long.

Sarah Kolat, Kaley Lane Eaton, Ashley Biehl, Joseph Muriello, Elliot Kraber and Jeff Bowen, voices