Karen Bentley-Pollick

In Violin, Viola & Video Virtuosity, each work was created expressly for Karen Bentley Pollick and explores the synergy of video and solo strings: world premieres of Jeffrey Harrington’s Grand Tango for violin with video by the composer; Seattle composer Nat Evans’ and video artist Erin Elyse Burns’ desertscape Heat Whispers; and New York composer Stuart Diamond’s prismatic video created for his 1974 Baroque Fantasy. New York video artist Sheri Wills‘ videos are featured in Sapphire (2010) by New York composer Preston Stahly; Dilemma (1987) by Czech composer Jan Jirásek; The Red Curtain Dance (2003) and Letter to Avigdor (1990) by Israeli American composer Ofer Ben-Amots; and Metaman (2009) by Rome Prize winner Charles Norman Mason.