Mason Lynass + WMD + Party Store + Shelf Nunny

Four Seattle electronic musicians join forces to present an evening of cinematic, immersive ambient music, with engaging visuals in an inspiring venue for making expansive, patient electronic music.

WMD is the ambient electronic project of Michael Erickson. The prolific Electronic Musician from the pacific northwest creates lush, airy songs thrumming with the power of melancholia, nostalgia, and the bliss and sorrow of relationships.

Party Store is the recording and live performance project of multi-instrumentalist Josh Machniak. Embracing a minimalist approach, Party Store aims to capture and convey Machniak’s own form of experimental songwriting, drawing from influences that range from ambient, shoegaze, slowcore, lofi and folk. 

Shelf Nunny is the musical alias of Seattle based artist Christian Gunning. Focusing heavily on found sounds and cinematic soundscapes. Great for any fans of Icelandic group múm.

Mason Lynass is an electronic musician making generative, ambient, and IDM music in Seattle. His recent generative electronic music works explore themes of quantum listening, personal introspection, and human connection to nature and technology.