Noel Kennon

An evening of new music utilizing spatialized acousmatic sound, idiosyncratic metal sound sculptures and a small ensemble. 

Meditations sounding on isolation, supply chain, resonance, air conditioning, rent, love, employment, death, etc. A concert presentation of the compositional efforts of local composer Noel Kennon over the past two years. The evening is structured in two main parts with a brief pause between these two sections: 

[Opening sounding or (stones / sky, sky / stone) – (Pluto lattice reduced to whole number integers sounded as noise bands of various sizes and shapes)]

[Descent or (the passing of Uriel shut out by a locked window)  – (presentation of illusionary half steps in just intonation derived from reiteration of low harmonic primes (3,7,11,17)] 

Noel Kennon is an artist living and working in Seattle, currently associated with Gallery 1412 and Studio Ma. 

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: Following current mandates from King County & WA State public health officials, all audience members at this performance will be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Proof of vaccination status and/or recent negative COVID test result will be required for entry. Windows will be open, weather permitting.