NonSeq: Alex Anthony Faide

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, guitarist/composer Alex Anthony Faide has a decades-long international reputation for being the secret weapon in rock recordings, arrangements, and stage productions in Europe and Latin America. Now based in Seattle, Faide released his long-awaited solo record, Particles of the Infinite, a display of guitar pyrotechnics in nine parts, on Trey Gunn’s label 7d Media in 2022.

Faide is the co-founder of cherished 3rd wave surf rock band, Los Twang! Marvels, in addition to Los Gauchos Alemanes/Electric Gauchos. He has also worked with artists including Sylvia Massy, Money Mark, Marian Gold, Erik Macholl, Gary Lucas, Milo Froideval, Daniel Szlotnik, Bill Rieflin, Trey Gunn, Crystal Beth (Fleenor), Markus Reuter, Namgar, Willie Campins, TROOT, Kathy Moore, Tiny Orchestral Moments, Wayne Horvitz, Amy Denio, Geoff Harper, Los Primitivos, and Lutz Petersen, among countless others. Faide spent 2017-19 touring, songwriting, and arranging, with Mexican hard rock heroes Molotov on their MTV Unplugged Show El Desconecte and as a sideman for Molotov front man Tito Fuentes’ acclaimed solo record El Ocaso. Since 2021 he has been working on a new multimedia project with legendary German producer/songwriter Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, founder and main composer for the band Nena.

About tonight’s concert, he says: “It is a privilege to have a time and a space, imbued with the sacred opportunity to connect with a sacred force we can only summon together, in the here and now. In today’s world, it is bold to approach Music outside of the ravenous cravings of the “music industry”, to invest yourself wholly in the power of the ephemeral. But I wish to do so tonight. This will present itself as an evening of continuous sound, of and through solo electric guitar, but it is a container for something else entirely. There won’t be any acrobatics nor stage theatrics, or any visual enhancement. Probably a good idea to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Still, if you feel compelled to dance, do! if you feel compelled to nap, please do! Snoring is entirely optional and at your own risk. Welcome and thanks for taking the leap!”

Curated by Beth Fleenor for Nonsequitur’s NonSeq series.

(photo: Karen Moskowitz)