NW Experimental Guitar Orchestra + Cryptid Soup

Doors open at 7 PM.

Debut performances of two large-group ensembles:

The Northwest Experimental Guitar Orchestra is an eighteen-piece ensemble comprising musicians from Seattle, Tacoma, Bremerton, and surrounding areas. Its primary focus is exploring non-traditional means of scoring, conduction, and technology integration, with an emphasis on self-guiding scores that eschew the need for traditional conduction in a large-group setting.

In their debut performance, they will be performing two aurally-guided compositions by Blake DeGraw in which the performers’ parts are communicated to them through headphones:

Koiní Moíra is a minimalist composition heavily inspired by the works of Steve Reich and György Ligeti; it is an experiment in forming and maintaining decelerating phase patterns over an extended duration. The Ersatz is an impressionistic tragedy about a clash between birds and insects.

Cryptid Soup is a Seattle-based queer contemplative improvisation collective led by experimental guitarist and iOS-music pioneer Qid Love. The group explores improvised music as a pathway for spiritual growth, meaning making, and identity development for queer and marginalized folks. Qid Love (they/she) is an autistic, disabled, non-binary/transfemme artist, writer, filmmaker, and musician with over 130 albums.