Paul Matthew Moore

In an homage to the work of Pauline Oliveros, composer Paul Matthew Moore brings together 8 performers for an evening of intricate, quiet electro-acoustic music and dance that will ruminate on the tradition of west coast minimalism. The concert will feature a new collaborative score composed specifically for the Chapel Performance Space. The performance ensemble working with Paul consists of Josiah Boothby (horn), Marguerite Brown (percussion), Isaac Castillo (bass), Beth Fleenor (clarinet), Leslie Kraus (dance), Stephanie Liapis (dance), Darren Loucas (pedal steel), and Michael Maricle (piano, synthesizers). This ensemble will occupy the time/space with a performance of anti-genre art inspired by mercury, escapism/being present, nostalgia/fear of nostalgia, retro-spaceage-tecnology, avoidances of contemporary earth culture and contemplations of blended post-humanist futures.