Phillip Greenlief & Scott Amendola + James Falzone

Bay Area improvised music stalwarts Phillip Greenlief (saxophone) and Scott Amendola (drums) bring their long running duo to town. Local clarinetist James Falzone offers a short opening set.

Scott Amendola and Phillip Greenlief celebrate 30 years of collaboration with the release of STAY WITH IT on clean feed records. They began playing together when Greenlief moved back to the SF Bay Area in 1993. They experimented with a variety of approaches, but soon dedicated their work in the tradition of free improvisation for drums and saxophone. Their first release on 9 Winds Records, COLLECT MY THOUGHTS (1995), garnered international acclaim and offered the push they needed to begin touring and deepening their musical relationship. 30 years later, the sound of the duo has changed. Greenlief’s sound palette has expanded to create a theater of the unexpected, and Amendola has integrated live electronics; the duo now moves easily between free jazz and electro-acoustic improvisation traditions with a fierce dedication to the moment that overrides allegiance to genre aesthetics.