Pilgrimage: a Butoh Mexicano Ritual Dance

Presented by AzucarAcida. In Pilgrimage, AzucarAcida and Diego Piñon offer an open and integrated view into the realm of Butoh Mexicano Ritual Dance. Piñon incorporates over 25 years of experience and practice in the fields of Mexican energetic traditions, Japanese Butoh, ritual dance, contemporary/modern dance and theatre. Pilgrimage features local performers Sheri Brown, Diana Garcia-Snyder, Vanessa Skantze, Alex Haverfield, Ariel Denham, Alan Sutherland, and Nalla Walla with musicians Tiffany Lin (piano), Paul Kukuchi (percussion), Rosalyn deRoos (clarinet), Andy Zadrozny (bass), and Monica Schley (harp).