Project Metamorphosis w/ Sameer Matta

Project Metamorphosis is the creative vehicle for Seattle-based guitarist Daniel McManus. Each performance is unique, incorporating improvisation and collaborations with other musicians or visual artists. This performance will feature San Francisco guitarist Sameer Matta. Both guitarists will be performing compositions for extended range guitar in alternating, interweaving sets.

Sameer’s solo guitar set explores various themes and styles, while always focusing on melody and movement. The set involves frequent use of percussive elements, finger picking and jazzy chords, leading to an overall progressive sound.

Daniel’s performance features meditative reflections on solo guitar, developing narrative themes through the use of loops and structured improvisation. Described as “a series of guitar explorations that form a cosmic emotionalism not quite ambient music and not quite progressive rock,” the music flows between minimalist drone to richly layered melodies.