Radio Noise Collective + Maria Thrän

Radio Noise Collective transforms the airwaves into a framework of sonic exploration, where participant-performers decode the universe through a symphony of radio hacking, unraveling the hidden dance of electromagnetic waves and the raw essence of noise-clouds in a captivating live performance.

Based in Nantes, France, Radio Noise Collective is a project proposed by Apo33 to perform with radio receivers and everyday cracked electronics. This project is based on an open and accumulative performance. That is to say, we use public radio transmissions, extremely local pirate radio transmissions and the transmission of the art medium itself, its relation to the public or performance space. Radio Noise Collective was conceived as an evolutive open collective, which implies that anyone can bring along a radio device or just themselves and participate in the interpretation of the space through radio noise, interferences and relationship to others.

The performances often entail an introduction / instruction of a score and the transmission of ideas and techniques related to those specific contexts. But this transmission, rather than being understood as a technical or pedagogical device, we believe is akin to that of John Dewey’s concept of transmission, where transmission is not the repetition of learnt subjects but instead transmission of the Radio Noise collective is a negotiated transmission of ideas and re-interpretation or direct experimentation with the radios, electromagnetic interferences, and the space in which the performance takes place. This approach allows for the performance to integrate musicians, amateurs, public participants, and often children within the movement. And children, like adults, here embark on a discovery of the space, the noise, the technology and the waves that interact with their bodies and the audio transmission.

Maria Thrän lives and works in Berlin and Seattle. They are an interdisciplinary artist and documentary filmmaker who explores the intersection of art, research, and technology. Working with sound, including voice modulation, live piano, field recordings, and video, Maria creates immersive installations that delve into the intricate connections between sound, language, politics, and nature.

Hi, You’ve Reached The Mailbox of Maria. Thanks for Calling, Please Leave a Message and I Will Call You Back will feature a live grand piano improvisation accompanied by E-bows and a live synthesis granulation using Supercollider. This performance delves into my personal exploration of embodied memory and fragments through the dialogue between the piano, my body as an instrument, and the live digital instrument within the resonances of space and the audience. It explores the question of how we archive our unconscious experiences and access them through the embodiment of a performative act. This delves into how the “repertoire of embodied memory” is expressed through gestures, narrating and potentially speculating my story in the present moment.

Supported by DXARTS, the City of Nantes, and the French Institute.