Solstice Fest Night 1: Kin of the Moon & Friends

As the sun pauses in the low slung reaches of the Seattle skyline, musical sun ritual and summoning carry on for two nights at the Chapel Performance Space. A serene and rowdy crew of improvisers weave some magic for these dark days.

Heather Bentley (viola, cello), Kaley Lane Eaton (piano, voice), and Leanna Keith (flutes, voice) are joined by Seattle musical masterminds Raymond Larsen (trumpet) and Evan Woodle (drums) to thrum that light back into our daily rhythms.

For even more improvising magic, we are partnering to present Solstice Fest Night Two: Light is Returning on Dec 22, same time, same location, featuring our brilliant friends Amy Denio, James Falzone, Heather Bentley (again), Bill Horist, Carol J. Levin, and Greg Campbell. The party continues!

** Attend both Solstice Fest Night concerts to receive a seasonal surprise gift.