St. Celfer + Raica

St Celfer (John Parker) makes future folk improvisations on glitch-tronics: sound is amalgamated and congealed into a resolution of crossed and overloaded signals. During the isolation of the pandemic, St Celfer devised instruments focused on the interface between human and machine. They mount to a single mic stand with interconnected gear attached and arranged so that the player can best make music in the moment. Each performance embraces sensory overload in order to unlock ways of perceiving a world made narrow: There is a lot of noise today – we need to hear the music within it. St Celfer has been featured as “New & Notable” in the experimental category on Bandcamp for 3 years running.

The cavernous and beautiful project of Chloe Harris, Raica walks a fine musical line between lucid animation and blurred darkness. Using only machines that communicate noises and blurps to a fascinating degree.