The Hollinden Trio

Lots of ceramic pots, tiny percussion instruments, drums, an interactive computer and…a big red balloon!

Storm Benjamin, Jeff Lund, and Andrew Spencer present a diverse program of music on rather unusual instruments. The centerpiece of the program is Time and Space for three percussionists by composer and one-time Seattle resident Dave Hollinden. The piece uses fifteen ceramic flower pots, and a dozen drums to create an engaging work that combines unique techniques, transfixing interlocking rhythms, and a structure that compels the listener into a unique auditory space. The other trio on the program is Triangle Trio by Juri Seo. A lengthy triangle cadenza (yes…It’s true!) starts this clever work whose instrumentation consists of only triangle, castanets, and tambourine. The rhythmic interplay between the three instruments produces an exuberantly compelling work.

Three solo pieces round out the program. Stop Speaking by Andy Akiho is for solo snare drum and computer using the voice from the early Apple computer voice assistant. Written for a collection of tuned steel pipes, Solo for Anthony Cirone by Lou Harrison is an example of compositions for found instruments that emerged on the West Coast with composers like Harrison and Cage. Scratch by Rolf Wallin is written for solo percussionist and a big red balloon. It’s an engaging theatrical work that creates a sense of wonder at the multitude of sounds the balloon is capable of!