Trevor Eulau & friends

Beau Wood, EJ Brannan, Trevor Eulau, Jacob Lipp, and Matt Camgros perform a ceremonial free improvisation that invites listeners to enter a space that is sacred, musical and performative. The group will utilize singing bowls, percussive instruments, bass, and viola.

The group started as an effort to clear heavy energies from a University of Washington music room. The room carried a lot of weight, and Matt, EJ, Trevor and Beau decided to hold a ceremony to help uplift the room and hopefully bring it some radiance and relief. The resulting music was the start of a magical gathering of friends, making music that is present and all-encompassing. This will be the first sharing of this intimate kind of music making with others. 

Trevor Eulau – guitar, singing bowls, voice
Beau Wood – bass
Jacob Lipp – saxophone
EJ Brannan – percussion/drum set
Matt Camgros – percussion/drum set