Verges (a sunrise)

An evening full of morning. A series of intimate, improvised solo and small-group performances playing with new notions of temporality. A fertile four-hour space displaced through the simultaneity of daybreak and last light.

Jocelyn Beausire is a performance artist, musician, and spatial researcher who splits her time between Seattle, WA and Princeton, NJ, where she is pursuing her Masters of Architecture. Her work constructs and activates a multi-sensory ecology to augment perceptions of her body as a place of constructed and performed youth, vulnerability, and femininity, as an artifact of her ancestry, and as a site of present action.

Casey Adams is an explorer of sounds and structures, as a drummer, builder and creator of electro-acoustic noise. In his work and research he is interested in the de/construction of sound and space, and the exploration of the ambience that exists between. As a performer, Casey attempts to fuse disparate and peripheral sounds while exploring movement, tension, intensity and the materiality of auditory experience; pursuant of a moment that never arrives. He is based in Seattle, Washington.

Joey Largent’s work explores relationships between time, consciousness, and the physical body, using acoustic instruments to delicately interweave organic vibrations with both natural and psychosomatic landscapes. Through the performance of durational compositions rich in natural overtones – often using just intonation – and through frequent collaborations with movement artists, Joey seeks to produce deep feeling and experience through sound– one that is strongly immersive, sensitive, and empathetic, inviting listeners to be both performers and observers of the continuously changing sensations throughout the body and mind.

Yaara Valey Perczek is a multidisciplinary performer and sound artist based in Portland. She utilizes looping technology to create luscious vocal-based live transmissions. In addition to her solo work, she collaboratively creates work for dance, film, and other performance art projects.

A.F. Jones is a Dallas-born, Washington-based musician, composer, and sound designer. In improvised live performance he emphasizes the use of guitar, lap steel, and pedal steel. Jones is the architect behind Laminal Audio, a mastering studio in Washington state that appeals to his bent for the archiving and analysis of sound. Laminal Audio’s quality control lends to his carefully curated small batch label Marginal Frequency.