Wyndel Hunt Benefit: CGT/Horist/Galloway

Presented by Nonsequitur.

On June 19, Seattle artist/experimental musician Wyndel Hunt was seriously injured in a bicycle accident. All money from this concert goes directly to his recovery fund.

Climax Golden Twins is the inscrutable and ever-morphing sonic beast animated by Rob Millis and Jeffrey Taylor. Their extensive catalog of recordings includes permutations of mutant rock, ungodly noise, and minimal ambient drone. Among many other things.

Bill Horist is a free improvising prepared guitarist of impeccable taste and devilish wit, and a finger-picking acoustic guitarist of astonishing musicality in the post-Fahey lineage.

Vance Galloway is one of the people who makes the Decibel Festival a reality. He is also an inventive musician who pulls beautiful sounds out of electric guitars and computers.