Xyloboyz: Music for Bass Drums

The Xyloboyz (Aaron Michael Butler and Jonathan Rodriguez) present: MUSIC FOR BASS DRUMS

This program will include classic works like John Zorn’s Dark River and Gerard Grisey’s Stèle for bass drum duo, as well as newly composed works featuring guest musicians by the duo. 

Of Pillars (featuring Casey Adams), Jonathan Rodriguez writes: 

“In the intricate dance of familial symbolism, este enigmático cornerstone of lineage stands veiled, su esencia obscured by el shroud of convolución temporal. Whispers of ancestry waltz dentro de los labyrinthine corridors of obfuscated epochs, no dimes nor energy ¿can el clandestine pilar of kinship be deciphered? Un cipher entwined con los echoes de ancestral murmurs, concealing los riddles of enigma familial. Diamond drear.

Fiddle/synth droners Glum Reaper will open the show.

Please join us for an evening of immersive, deep, and meditative experimentalism. Listeners are encouraged to bring yoga mats, blankets, etc. to enjoy the evening if they wish.