YESOD is a meeting of Middle Eastern and Middle Western musical influences where pure musical impulses flux between sound explorations and accessible improvisational hooks. Dynamic and bold percussion mix with intricate intertwining stringed instruments creating a foundation for voice, violin, clarinet and other melodic instrumental experimentation. YESOD is William Wolford (multi-instrumentalist/strings player) and Ahmad Yousefbeigi (Kurdish and multi-instrumental percussionist) with special guests Costică Usanu on violin and Amy Denio on bass, vocals, clarinet. (watch a video)

After our musical performance John Murphy, Artistic Director of The Cabiri will be discussing the ethnographic direction of Ezid, a performance happening in June in collaboration with YESOD, including the influences on this work that came from his recent travels in Iraq living with Kurdish Yezidi refugees of the Sinkjar massacre. There will also be a short performance of dancing that will hint of the direction of the show and the essences of the characters. (watch a video)