34th Seattle Improvised Music Festival

UPDATE: Tonight’s SIMF show at the Chapel will go on, but starting at 7 PM instead of 8, so folks can get home before things ice over. Come on out, brave souls!

Taking place Feb. 6 – 10, the Seattle Improvised Music Festival (SIMF) is the longest-running festival in the US dedicated solely to music that is completely improvised. This is truly “music of the moment,” allowing artists from diverse musical backgrounds to meet in an atmosphere of spontaneity, intuition, playfulness, and discovery. See the complete festival schedule here.


duo: Haley Freedlund, trombone + Tom Varner, horn
duo: Andria Nicodemou, vibes + Marc Seales, piano
trio: Kenny Mandell, sax + Kelsey Mines, bass + Odeya Nini, vox/movement
featured solo + ?: CK Barlow, electronics (photo: Karen Milling)