Amy Reed + KO SOLO

Amy Reed is a visual artist and composer living in Sacramento, California. She is the founder of Ma, a series that supports creative work by women at Gold Lion Arts, the performance/education space she co-creates with Ross Hammond in Sacramento. She studied extensively with Sarah Flohr, and with Vladimir Tarasov and Robert Reed. She allows her painting practice and her composing practice to inform her extensive research into performance, video, sound, improvisation, and listening. Recent work includes: Solo – electric guitar, Ione’s 20th Annual Dream Festival; virtual Artists-in-Residence dream duo with Dr. Leo Polansky, large ensemble work with Phillip Greenlief, Vinny Golia, and Tony Passarell, and an active duo with Ross Hammond performing original and traditional material. Tonight she performs solo with electric guitar and voice. (photo: George Thomson)

Seattle saxophonist Kate Olson‘s solo project KO SOLO is a blend of her love for minimalism, ambient music, noise, and found sounds. Using soprano saxophone, laptop and other noisemakers (thumb piano, buddha box, cracklebox), she creates loops that overlap and shift gently over the course of her improvisations. All KO SOLO performances are improvised from start to finish.