Arun Chandra + Scott Goodwin

Gift Tapes/DRAFT presents Arun Chandra and Scott Goodwin for its second installment of its 2018 program at the Chapel Performance Space, in association with the Wayward Music Series.

The work of Arun Chandra is not often presented outside of academic circles, but offers an extremely unique perspective on composition and computer music, having studied under Herbert Brün and recorded and performed works by Brün, Barry Traux and Xenakis. He will present four works, including a recent composition for 32 channels, down-mixed for 8 channels.

Scott Goodwin will perform live, drawing on his niche somewhere between new techno and experimental composition, employing his ever-rotating set of electronic instruments (currently Eurorack synthesizers, outboard effects, and computer) to craft a set specifically designed for the Chapel “inspired by rhythmic minimalism, club music, video game soundtracks and the science fiction works of Greg Egan and Liu Cixi”.