Burn List + MetriLodic

Burn List features trumpeter Cuong Vu, tenor saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi, keyboardist Aaron Otheim, and drummer Chris Icasiano. Having been on the forefront of the scene as established veterans, Vu and Sinibaldi each offer unique compositional approaches and styles that have helped shape the newest generation of musicians in Seattle. Icasiano and Otheim are, in part, products of those contributions, pushing to create a new sonic approach to the music and group improvisation. Siphoned through the band’s collective aesthetics, the music freely crisscrosses genres resulting in a new musical sound that is thoughtful, energetic, current and original.

MetriLodic is is Eric Barber (saxophone, loops, iPad and synth), Byron Vannoy (drums) and Paul Kemmish (electric bass). Eric Barber’s MetriLodic is an all-original, freely improvised trio that breaks most of the rules of groove-based ensembles. Featuring Eric Barber on sax and electronics, this band creates a sonic palette that is simultaneously complex and entertaining. With longtime collaborators PK on electric bass and Byron Vannoy on drums, this band take rhythm, meter, groove, and melody in a new direction.