Christian Pincock + The Sky Is a Suitcase

Christian Pincock is a trombonist, composer and educator who creates a wide range of uncompromising and meaningful music. Informed by a firm background in jazz, his work focuses on narrative, gesture and detail as a way of inspiring and entertaining audiences with work that integrates many musical styles and elements. The Christian Pincock Group will play pieces which seek to redefine the roles of instruments within a jazz ensemble and explore the intersection of composition and improvisation in unique ways. The group is Christian Pincock, valve trombone & compositions; Levi Gillis, tenor sax; Jon Hansen, tuba and Evan Woodle, drums. Christian will also perform solo pieces on valve trombone and electronics. He uses a homemade controller made from the pedals of an electronic organ, adapted to work with custom software augmenting the original function of playing bass notes.

The Sky is a Suitcase is a jazz quartet dedicated to playing original music. Their songs range from bombastic energy pieces to quiet, pastoral ballads. Just as much in the tradition as out of it,’suitcase’ offers a plethora of moods and moments.