Concert Imaginaire

Concert Imaginaire is a Seattle-based chamber ensemble founded in 2011. The group records, performs concerts, and gives new music workshops at colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest. Our core ensemble is Becca Baggenstoss, percussion; Ruthie Dornfeld, violin; Evan Robertson, bass; Lewis Thompson, piano; and David Hahn, guitar/music director. In tonight’s concert we will be joined by soprano Sarah Joanne Davis who gives the world premiere performance of Chippewa Songs, a cycle with Native American lyrics composed for and dedicated to the North Dakota Water Protectors. Mezzo Katie Weld will be singing Aria Anum J, a dramatic song about the enjoyment of marijuana. The title piece of the program will feature the Orango-Tango dancers – one man, one, woman, one orangutan. Filling out the program will be Slogan, also a world premiere performance, for narrator and ensemble. The piece examines the true meaning behind political slogans. The excellent visuals accompanying the performance tonight are assembled by Leo Mayberry.

Concert Imaginaire’s debut CD, Fortune’s Wheel will be available for purchase at the door. If you would like to book Concert Imaginaire for a concert or workshop, or would simply like further information about us, please contact our manager Rigtig God.