Clifford Dunn + Uneasy Chairs

Clifford Dunn is a flutist/composer/software developer living in Seattle. He seeks to always push the boundaries of his flute capabilities and utilize the most advanced and esoteric technology available to create unapologetic and intense music that will make you think. His influences range from heavy metal and rock and roll, Japanese Onkyo, jazz, and classical music. He has performed throughout Europe, the USA, and Canada as a soloist and collaborator.

Patrick Neill Gundran has been performing live as a guitarist in the Pacific Northwest under the name Uneasy Chairs for the past 4 years, focusing entirely on free improvising and experimenting with sound. As well as performing solo, he has also been an active live collaborator with a diverse community of musicians and artists with backgrounds ranging from jazz, classical, rock and roll, electronic, noise as well as Butoh dance. An interest in various approaches to meditation and Buddhist philosophy informs his playing, listening and approach.