Different Drummer

Different Drummer has a whole new show! Comprised of three string players from the region’s premier chamber orchestra, the Northwest Sinfonietta, these “classical musicians” definitely know how to step out of their orchestral habitat. Violinist Brandon Vance is a two-time winner of the US National Scottish Fiddle Championship. Gretchen Yanover is an acclaimed electric cellist with three solo albums to her credit. Bassist Anna Doak has performed and/or recorded with Dave Mathews, Joe Williams, Spirit of the West, Jeremy Enigk, Tommy Tune, Joel Fan & Linda Ronstadt. Add to the mix Don Dieterich, a percussionist who is willing to whack on any number on non-traditional gadgets from lampshades to garbage cans, and you’ve got a show that represents genres as varied as the artists presenting it. Prepare to be entertained, amused and exhilarated by this unique collaboration!

“Different Drummer proves that minimalism can bite. The level of musicianship amongst the three is tonally sculpted, their arrangements complex and disciplined, showcasing a ferocious synchronization between the double bass and violin. Though the group is small in numbers, their size ends up acting as an advantage. Within each arrangement listeners can hear the unique styles from individual parts, a rarity in a large percent of the music we hear today.” — Connor Creighton, Earshot Jazz Aug 2016