Earshot/Nonseq: Vitamin D & Drum Orbit = SOLD OUT!

Sorry, this show is sold out.

Drum Orbit is a new experimental quintet led by turntable artist and producer Vitamin D, featuring Kassa Overall on drums, Darrius Willrich on keys, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass, and Gerson Zaragoza on guitar. Our mission is to expose music lovers to new ways of looking at music while acknowledging ancestral traditions and rhythms.

When you think of musical instruments you might think of string instruments, like violins or guitars. Some people think of wind instruments, such as flutes and horns, while others appreciate pianos and drums. Before a guitar was an instrument it started as a string. We know that a string alone is hardly a musical instrument, but when you add tension and amplification you create musical tones. With human ingenuity and applied musical sensibility, a string can become the most beautiful sound you have ever heard.

Drum Orbit takes this theory and applies it to turntables. By itself, a turntable is a means to play pre-recorded music. We, Drum Orbit, view turntables as an apparatus for generating tone, melody, and rhythm as well as an improvisational tool of expression.

We invite you to experience this new and experimental approach to musical improvisation.

Curated by Carlos Snaider as part of Nonsequitur’s NonSeq series, presented in cooperation with Earshot Jazz Festival.