Empty Boat + New Art Trio

Named after the Lao Tzu parable, Empty Boat is a quintet of seasoned Seattle creative music veterans (Don Berman, drums; Geoff Harper, bass; Jim Knodle, trumpet; Dennis Rea, guitar; Dick Valentine, flutes and saxophones). They will perform original compositions by members of the band. The music combines each composer’s carefully crafted concepts with challenges to each band member to access his inner consciousness and deliver imaginative, intuitive improvisations. The result takes listeners on a journey, full of surprises and discoveries.

Opening the evening will be saxophonist/composer Kenny Mandell’s New Art Trio, featuring Mandell on saxes, fluts, and percussion; Curtis Dahl on keyboards; and Tim Volpicella, guitar.

This will be an evening of Seattle Creative Music at its finest.