Evan Flory-Barnes’ Infinity Upright!

Infinity Upright! is an ensemble that features the “Everything Music” of Evan Flory-Barnes. Evan’s music is influenced by equal parts Mingus, Ravel, Björk and Dilla. Infinity Upright! leaves no stone unturned, giving itself permission to use all tools of expression. From lush orchestrations to hard driving swing. From free improvisation to head-nodding boom-bap anthems. From original works to collaborations. This ensemble brings all music through the inclusive and open-hearted vision of Evan Flory-Barnes

Kate Olson-winds
Chris Credit-winds
Ahamefule J. Oluo- trumpet
Tom Varner-French Horn
Nathan Vetter-Trombone
Jon Hansen-Tuba
Dawn Clement-piano
Jeremy Jones-drums