Eye Music: Graphic Scores

Eye Music performs written compositions that rely on visual information other than standard notation to convey musical ideas. These scores are often beautiful to look at as well as intriguing to play. In addition to graphic scores, Eye Music also plays text scores which consist of verbal instructions. Participating in this performance are Taina Karr, Robert Kirkpatrick, Eric Lanzillotta, Dave Knott, Carl Lierman, Rob Millis, Dean Moore, Michael Shannon, David Stanford, and Esther Sugai. Program: Mike Shannon Matrix, Toshi Ichiyanagi Sapporo, Bob Cobbing Chamber Music, Robin Mortimore Very Circular Pieces, Cornelius Cardew Treatise, Clifford Burke Upside Down & Backwards, Michael Parsons Piece for 1 or More Guitars, David Toop Lizard Music.