February + Tiny Ghost

February, led by double bassist Kelsey Mines, will be premiering five separate pieces that seek to challenge the musical range of the double bass. The program incorporates contemporary classical compositional elements with free improvising, all made possible by ensemble members, Mike Gebhart, Andrew Olmstead, and Matt Williams. Concert attendees can expect to hear extended techniques, synthetic sounds, eclectic percussion instruments, vocal harmonies, and so much more!

Tiny Ghost is a new quartet with Greg Sinibaldi, Katie Jacobson, Ivan Arteaga & Raymond Larsen. We play music that is strange, pretty, funny, and weird. We like trying to understand the limitations we put on ourselves within the ‘free’ or ‘improvised’ music genre. We often ask ourselves questions like “what happens if we make ‘silly’ sounds while improvising?” or “what if this piece had a story behind it?” to try to push ourselves beyond what we think we know about free and improvised music. We like discovering sounds together and using words in combination with sound in our music.