Pink Void + Noisegasm + OwL-Dent

Pink Void is the moniker of Crystal Perez, best known in the noise world for her part in the much-revered Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, and currently playing bass in Low Hums. Since 2011, she’s created sprawling landscapes of layered guitar, samples, and static as Pink Void, that are, as she describes, “Sensual nightmare soundtracks for the whole family.”

Noisegasm is the Electronic music duo of Greg Weber (guitars, synths, pedals) and Brad Anderson (keyboards, computer). Equal parts noise, rock, classical, ambient and avant garde, their shows may caress your eardrums or bludgeon them, usually both.

OwL-Dent = Experimental soul. Crux trinket. Everything is a toy. Whirlpools. Sometimes finds ghost voices.